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Angry Does anyone actually win at iWon?
I stopped going to iWon for the longest time because I never got anything there, then I heard that a friend of a friend won $10,000 there.

I haven't gotten anything at all from them and I'm starting to think I never will. Has anyone won anything from them at all? Is it worth all the spyware and nonsense they stick on your computer (which I have to remove daily) or am I wasting my time?
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A few months ago, I won a monthly bonus prize--a Sony 36" HDTV and dvd dream system, ARV $2700.00. I have seen other people here post that they have won cash from iwon.
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Nothing for years.
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Several years ago,a friend of mine won $25,000 from that site. Someone on this site won $10,000 a few months ago.

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yes, people have won

but unless you have lots of time to waste there are a lot more productive things to do than click away there every day

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After I do my sweeps, it's my first stop in the morning. I have my sweeps addy there and I like to see what the news is. I don't expect to win and I don't play their other games, but I do like the site.


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I played faithfully for 2 years, never won anything. I played many of their side games and entered for bonus prizes, what I did get was spyware and a ton of SPAM. I'm definitely making much better effort to opt out of things these days. Sometimes I think I should try them again, but I am afraid to mess up another email address with SPAM overload or have spyware freeze my computer up again. Glad to see some have actually won good prizes!

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Yes people win - friend of mine won the $10,000. Odds are bad being that you are playing against million and millions of people. I go there everyday and read up on the news and get my chances in.


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No wins for me!

"It's a jungle out there, but the animals are fun!"
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My whole family has participated on iwon for 0ver four YEARS, in everything from the cash drawings, monthly prize drawings, yearly drawings, prize machine, free casino and even the daily instant win and none of us has ever won a single thing! It's very discouraging

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As for me, it should be called "I Didn't!!!!!
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Originally Posted by sshirhall
Nothing for years.
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the only reason i stoped with I Won is becouse it filled my computer with viruses -
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Exclamation 1 in over a million chances if not more
your chances of winning here is very very slim since there are over millions entering, BUT i wouldnt give up, your choice of course. My 16 year old and i enter mostly for the monthly prizes, ya never know when that call may come. Dont let the no wins get you to stop playing..sheesh.

someone from here did win, she may have not seen the posting here yet but im sure she will reply when or if she does.

she said they call and she almost hung up on them but when he said iwon she was happy.

Never give up, we're here to win, arent we? lol

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