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Marlboro Ranch winners
To those who won a trip to the Marlboro Ranch through the call in contest where they had 10 winners a day for 10 days or anyone who has every won anything from Marlboro

Has anyone heard anything more about the trip, like when or where it is? I assume they will choose the date that we go and I'm curious how much notice we will get and when we will find out about it. Anyone that has won any prior sweepstakes - can you remember how much notice you got and if you had a choice of dates? I'd rather not bother the agency or sponsor so I thought I'd post here. I'm trying to get a seminar/class scheduled and it would be just my luck to get dates confirmed and then find out my husbands win conflicts with it.
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I won back in 2001. I received my affy 2 days after i got home from austin where i had signed up to win. That was in june and the trip was for september. It was the most awesome win. Marlboro gave us everything we could need for the trip including luggage. Congrats on your win!!!

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By the way,I am so jealous lol. I would love to win that again. We were sent to the white stallion ranch in arizona. CMT is giving away a trip there and I am hoping for my phone to ring today saying i won it!!! lol heres hoping!

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Just want to say WTG
It may take a bit of time, if you don't hear soon e-mail them!

Have a blast...
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Well I am glad that SOMEONE won SOMETHING from them! Despite the fact that I have blackened my lungs since I was 14 I haven't gotten squat! In fact my girlfriends aunt--who has been dead for over a year received 2 tix to the Cowboy brunch. We went to Ruth Chris expecting good food and prizes and were turned away at the door cause the tix weren't transferrable. Now how is it that she sure as heck hasn't smoked or used her coupons in a year yet she gets an invite and we didn't??? Needless to say I promptly called Marlboro from the parking lot yesterday and complained! I better get something from them soon or at least a date with the MArlboro MAN! Congrats to all the winner!

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Just how exactly do you subscribe to their magazine anyway? I really enjoyed the one I read.
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I won the call-in contest on the last night of the contest. The ranch is in Montana. I recieved the first affy about 1 week later. I am scheduled to go on 7/26-7/29. I can't wait. I'm still waiting on the second packet, I called DL Blair last week and a rep told me that the second packet wouldn't be mailed for a few more weeks.
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keithandsherry -

I was the other Marlboro ranch winner - haven't heard anything yet, and I was wondering the same thing! On the affidavit, they gave us the dates of the trip in August.... I don't have a calendar right here, but it was definately a Tuesday through Friday trip. like the 17th - 20th, or so.

I'll post when I hear something from them. I think I have my PM shut off - I'll see if I can figure out how to change that....
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Karen we went about that time also. Whitestallion Ranch. They took care of everything from the trip to entertainment. Met all the couples who won there also. All the security were FBI Retired agents that wore red shirts and wrangler jeans. Went to Toumbstone Arizona. My best friend won the trip and took me with him. I bet I met you there.LOL
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