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I have never been to a convention, and I would love to attend, especially in Vegas! And, I definitely need a refresher on old and new winning tips, as I won nothing of substance at all in 2015.

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This will be my 9th National Convention. I have enjoyed every single one of them. I have met a lot of great people and some have become good friends of mine. I am especially looking forward to this Las Vegas convention to not only attend the convention but sight see and do a little gambling in Sin City.
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I have not attended a convention. I want to attend the National Sweepstakes Convention because attendees at past conventions rave about them. I want to see what I have been missing. I hope to learn ways to increase my chances of winning. Sweeping has changed and we must adapt.

Thank you for sponsoring this trip.
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Hello Everyone My name is Amy and i have been sweeping since i was 18 years old.i am now 35 years old. This year has been rough for us. i have made so many friends online from OLS and we are sweepstakes friends on facebook. They have been nothing but kind and sweet to me and i feel like i know them without really knowing them.if you know what i mean . i lost my child on March 24th,2016,my 12 year old has been through major emotional stuff,almost lost her in February,etc and etc. i can't think of one day in 2016 that hasn't been rough for us. my dream is to go to the convention.i would even be happy just to be there for 15 minutes to say hello and to thank everyone for being such a great friends.Heck i would be happy just to get get a seat in the parking lot and listen in lol.i know quite of people that are going this year.i would be blessed and honored to go to this.Las Vegas is also on my bucket list.Recently , i got my husband into doing sweeps.Las Vegas is also on his bucket list, so this would be a win x 2 if i got chosen. Thanks OLS and Brent for all you do.I have made so many new friends over the years because of OLS. it all started all with a DVD win from OLS.i also have met 5 friends from OLS in real life.I was so happy to have the pleasure of meeting them.i will never forget the first day i found this site.i honestly would be lost without it.I even got some relatives and friends doing sweeps,and plan on passing it down to my children to do sweeps as well.Something that i would love to learn more about writing good essays for sweeps that you have to write an eassy in order to win.i usually skip the Essay ones, because i don't know how to word stuff well. kinda like how i'm doing now, but these two things are on my bucket list so i have to do the best i can on it lol.Thanks again for the opportunity P:S i also would like to share pictures of friends from OLS i had the pleaure of meeting.


Amy's Wins

Amy's Wins2
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please please please let me win
I haven't been to a convention since San Antonio. I want to win because I have been away from OLS for so long and this will help me get back into my favorite hobby Thats what I am looking forward to!

My favorite part of the convention was hanging out with some GREAT OLS peeps.
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I would love to attend to see friends that I have met at past conventions and to learn if there are any new tips or tricks in winning sweepstakes.

It always great to reconnect with friends from all over the country that I have met at past conventions.

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I attend many years ago and would like to attend again because it's the only place where we all "get" one another, we understand the thrill of a win, the thrill of other's winning! After paying off some medical bills(new teeth), I may be able to attend in three years, however VEGAS is the one that sounds like the most fun
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I would love to win a trip to this convention because:
1. I have never been to Las Vegas before.
2. If I win I'm taking a good friend of mine (another OLS'er)

I hope to learn more about social media sweeps.

I have attended one National Convention in Dearborn, MI. in 2007.
(I've always wanted to attend another National convention but have not had the opportunity yet.)
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Why I Want To Go To Convention
I went to my first convention in Baltimore in 2004 not actually knowing anyone. I have been to all of them since (except for one that I had to miss for medical reasons). I have made so many great friends over the years and love having the opportunity to get together with them. I always go home learning at least one thing to help me win more and I love getting to travel to different places all over the country. Vegas is one of my favorite places.
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I love seeing old friends and make new ones.....The relationships I have established through this wonderful hobby are fantastic and I love catching up and hearing the winning stories each year.
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This Would be my first National Convention
Wow, if I won this I would be over the moon. I have never been to a national convention but follow them thru the posts here and every year I say next year I'm going. I'm hoping this will be my "next" year.

Never having been to a national convention, I'm not sure of the format so it's hard to describe what I would hope to learn. Tips on entering thru social media, other than facebook, would be truly educational for me. I would love to meet other fellow OLS'ers putting names and faces to our OLS names would be awesome. Exchanging stories of wins and tips for winning would be a wonderful experience.

Las Vegas is one of my and my husbands' favorite cities. Our 33rd wedding anniversary is July 30th, so surprising him with a trip to the National Convention and Las Vegas would be the most awesome anniversary present and one we would both remember for years to come.

Thank-you kbsocial for posting this and to the other OLS'ers who make this chance to win possible.

You gotta try your luck at least once a day, because you could be going around lucky all day and not even know it. Jimmy Dean
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I have been a member of OLS since 2002, I joined when there was under 1,000 members and have never had the opportunity to attend a Convention. I would love to go & meet all the wonderful people I have been LUCKY enough to talk to over the last 14 years and spread some fairy dust.

~ Let your heart guide you. It whispers - so listen closely~
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The convention is a great time to make new friends, catch up with friends from previous conventions and learn new ways to improve your chances for winning. I love the convention speakers and always look forward to learning new things about this hobby.

Winners never quit and quitters never win!
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Cool I am looking forward to the convention
The convention is always a great time and you learn a lot about entering contest.
Los Vegas should be great.
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Hi, Brent and Company!

I've been around for quite some time, entering contests since I was 10, hoping to help my parents with a $10K down payment for their home when interest rates were so high. I never did win the money, despite my best efforts to collect as many toilet tissue scratch-offs as possible. (My mom and I went to every grocery store stockpiling as much of this toilet tissue as we could). However, the hope still remains that something fabulous could happen.

In the meantime, it would be fun to go to Vegas and meet other OLSers. It could be an HOF come true.

Fingers Crossed
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