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I found this site that lists all radio stations that have a website. http://wmbr.mit.edu/stations/list.html
You can search by location and visit each site to see what contests they are running.

A local country station of mine is giving away $10,000 a day for the next few weeks...I never would have known if someone hadn't specifically told me about it. They knew I love to sweep.

Wish me luck!

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Thanks Antuanette, that site's a great resource, and I bookmarked it. The first radio station that I checked out in the LA area had a nifty contest (California residents only) that just started yesterday- a trip to Vegas, stay at the Paris Hotel, showtickets, airfare, etc. Sweet!

If I come up with a bunch, I'll post a California/LA only collection under NEW CONTESTS...thanks. ~Geo.

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Now there's a good link! There are several stations in the St. Louis area and they are almost always running give-aways. Too bad the building I work in has too much concrete for some of the radio waves to make it through so the folks in the office could enter. Anyway, this link will allow everyone in the forums to enjoy and enter the contests that are specific to their area.

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