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Prayers for my family
I have not disclosed what have gone through to many and have kept it all quiet until now, it is time for me to pour my heart out, for my family. Over a year ago my husband of 23 years went to see old girlfriend, was gone for 6 days spent over 6,000.00 yes folks that much, within a week he moved her here, moved in with her, and walked away from what I thought at the time a loving home and family. I was crushed, shocked, lost 23 pounds and prayed for him to return home. It was not to be and it took a year and a lot of prayers but now I see God was doing me a huge favor, I was physically abused by this man for the first 4 years, then emotionally and verbally. I had just gotton so use to it, I did not realize how badly he was mistreating me, and my sons, he would beat them with a belt then as they got older he would try to physically harm them, but I was strong in that and would get inbetween them and threaten calling the police. In the time that he has been gone he is drinking more heavily, smokes pot, gotton many tatoos and the one that concerns me most says " Let the demons inside me come out and play" there is sexual devience and foursomes this is Not the lifestyle we lived. We had a meeting with the attorneys a while back and it did not go well, we are a 50/50 state (we have a large amount of assets ) and he does not want to give me ANYTHING and I have a son to raise, we have another meeting Oct. 23 I ask everyone to pray that God will open his heart and mind and he sees that he needs to take care of us, I do not want have to go to court because I do not want my children and family and friends to have to testify, we have all been through enough. I ask for you to pray for me and my sons and pray for my husband and his mistress. I know whatever happens is God's plan and he is watching over me and has his arms around me everyday. I am greatful for all I do have, I have a roof over my head, the medication I need ( I am disabled), food for my family, and a vehicle to drive, a lot of women would not have anything if there spouse left. God is GOOD !!!

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you will be in my prayers and hang in there sounds like you have already been through the worst of it
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Sending prayers, wish I could give you a big old hug.
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I'm sorry sunnybrook - I do believe some men are possessed by "dark forces" - that's what I call it, especially ones that are into that demonic stuff, sayings, etc. That's a whole other issue though and i have my reasons for saying that.

I'm really sorry for all the abuse you and your sons have endured - doesn't matter that HE doesn't want to give you anything - he WILL. That's the law. So don't even worry about that part. It's just getting through it.

I'm glad you're away from this jerk - don't worry, payback for people like that may take a while, but it will happen eventually. You can't go through life being like that with no consequences.

I hope you and your boys get therapy or whatever it is you need to get through the damage. Hang in there - and just keep talking about it. I hope he gets really screwed in divorce court.

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May God show you and your family mercy in this situation. You will have a better life without him.
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I'm so sorry to hear. Things happen for a reason and you now will have a much better life without him. I'm also in a 50/50 state and even though my ex left me for someone else, I still had to give him half. I happen to be the one with the money. He had nothing and really deserves nothing. But the law is the law and I beleive that you'll get 1/2 of everything. It might be tough, but you need to fight. You deserve financial help.

I wish you the best of luck.


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Praying and sending {hugs}. I want you to get the finances you need to support yourself and your son(s). Just wondering how much he's wasted the past year plus with his habits.

Wishing & hoping & thinking & praying, planning & dreaming... and entering!
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Prayers for you and your sons. Please change the locks on your house NOW!
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I know it is hard but get a great lawyer and fight, fight, fight!!! And not just for equal division of assets, also for child support and alimony. Change the locks ASAP like many have stated. And keep records of everything said and done! Prayers for you and your family

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You will be in my prayers Sunnybrook. Don,t worry about the ex. You just worry about what is the best for you. You know yourself that sometimes our prayers don,t turn out to be what we ask for, but in the end, it always turns out to be best thing for us. I would bet you that this time next yr, you will be a much happier person. Keep us informed.
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prayers going up for you and your family.
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