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Woobox problem
Hi all,

New to the forums, searched but didn't find an answer. Whenever I stumble on a Facebook page, that includes a woobox url to enter a sweeps, when I click on it, it just pops open a new tab with the same FB page. This has happened with at least two different sweeps, both using woobox. I have tried it in IE and in Firefox, same result. Anyone have the same problem, anyone know the solution?? Thanks!
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Not sure if this is the same thing but they often need to open in same window. I know it will open in the same window if, when you hold your cursor over the link, the status bar at the bottom of your screen says "javascript" or www.whatever.com/giveaway/# (the pound sign usually means there isn't really another link for the page but rather within the same page).

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