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People that never seem to win....
So tell in the world do you stay motivated? A month, 3 months, 3 years...If you aren't winning anything, how do you keep yourself going and entering? I notice that a small win will give me a little boost. But its getting hard to justify they effort for a $1 off pork coupon. I thought it would help to read about all the wins, but over and over I see these huge lists and think I must be doing something wrong.
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I enter hundreds each day. I have weeks where I can't even get a free pack of gum. But every few months, I get something that is worth over $500. I will get gift cards for $25-$500 a few times a year, and once a year (often a couple times a year) I will get a nice big juicy win worth over $2500. I have not yet gotten a win over $5000... but I know that if I don't enter I won't win.

Even if you only get in one entry on an unlimited entry sweep, it is a chance. And I have won most of my good wins with a single entry.

and as I always say...the harder I work the luckier I get.

Keep going, and I hope your big one is just around the corner!
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Some people seem to win a lot.. over and over.. several times weekly.. I'm not one of them! But I can't say I haven't won great .. my best and the one that keeps me motivated was winning a car!

But sweeping isn't about the "have to win it's" because there's no absolute in sweeping. It's a toss up if you win or not.

I loved it years back when UPS or Fed Ex was coming here nearly weekly.. now I seldom see them.. and usually it's because I ordered something! But I still enjoy the opportunity to get a chance to win something.. just harder because of so many sweeps using referrals for extras ( which I can't get no matter how many tweets I throw out there ).. and videos that I don't do.. instagram.. etc ..

I usually get a boost reading about someone's win posted on OLS.. and remembering I tried for that one.. and someone I know "kind-of" actually won it!

Earn cash back while shopping with ebates - my referral
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I stay motivated by my best wins from months and years ago. Also entering is such a habit now.

In it to win it
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I know I will win something in the future, so not winning for a while doesn't bother me. I am happy when I win but not sad when I don't win.
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All of the above answers fits me too. I am happy when I see winners on our OLS! That is one thing that keeps me motivated, and the fact of my past wins.
Sweeping is not as easy as everyone thinks it is. It takes a lot of patience and time.
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That's a good question as I tend to loose motivation when only a week goes by without a win. I think I'd be really tempted to give up if months went by without a win (but thankfully in my 10 years of doing this, that's never happened).

Of all the things I've lost, I miss my mind the most.
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I haven't won a thing in like a year, but I use sweeping for relaxation so whether I win or lose, no biggee.

"Better Lucky Than Good"
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I have given up a few times. I then get back into it.
I tell myself that if i win anything over the membership fee, it is worth it.
I have been in a really dry spell but, I am determined to really stick with it this time.

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Originally Posted by Jaclynfett View Post
Also entering is such a habit now.
This is what it is for me. But.....
I CAN take it or leave it. If I have things that need to be done, or oppportunities to go and do things, I jump on them. Vacations or getaways....I never sweep while on vacation, although if I have down time while away, I may get on laptop/tablet and at least check emails and visit the various forums I belong to.
But, If I'm home and everybody else is engaged in something, then I'll get engaged on my computer and in to my sweeps.

My kids are back in school now and I sweep while multitasking on other things I need to get accomplished throughout the day/week and that's not hard to do these days, cause with my pickiness, I only enter roughly 75-100 sweeps daily and I can knock those out in about 20 minutes.

My Motherload of Wins
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I got my fortune read right off the boardwalk in N.J., she said I would have two more big wins this year, If all else fells, blame it on Brent!!

[jericho season 1]
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I have had a really bad past three years. It really does take a shot at your motivation. I have just barely started ramping up again in the last four months because I have not put a whole lot of effort into it in the past year. I use to win all of the time but now I don't even salivate when the UPS truck comes down the street. Wins dried up for me so bad it was not funny. I could not even win an instant win coupon! There are far fewer quality contests and it is harder to win now but I figured I won't win unless I try. Personally I think Facebook and blogs really changed the face of contests and I have grown weary of trying to vest my time into blogs so I only do a few blogs I like and that is it. I got tired of having to comment, tweet, follow everyone and their dog in every social media form available. Blogs will burn you out in a heartbeat. I am hoping things will turn around by next year.
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I've been sweeping for about ten years. I've never had a big, big win, but I've had some nice wins and a lot of little things. I generally win something every month -- or two or three -- and that seems enough to keep me going. I know that if I don't enter I can't win.
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I think I must have a touch of OCD. Cause it's sure not those $1 off pork coupons that keeping me doing it!
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I used to win a lot but haven't won much in years. But I also only enter for the big things and only when I have some downtime; I don't enter regularly. For me, I don't really expect to win anything - I just like the little daydreams that come with entering.

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