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How much time a day do you spend sweeping?
I'm new to this forum as well as sweepstakes entering in general!

I've been spending a few hours a day entering sweepstakes since I started a week ago.
Approximately how many hours a day do you spend sweeping? Also, how many sweepstakes do you enter a day?

Thanks guys! I'm loving this website so far!
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Way too much, LOL!! On average I spend at least 3 hrs. per day on days that I work. On days off, probably closer to 5. Not sure how many I enter per day. I'll enter all new sweeps that interest me, do my daily entries and the instant wins. Then I'll spend time on blog entries and various types on Facebook.

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I guess I spend 2 -4 hrs a day. I also am not sure how many that is.

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I have taken a hiatus from entering...... I just can not seem to get motivated to get back into the game. It started to feel like a job, you know something that I had to do.

I used to spend 4 hours a day entering online and snails. But now there are texts, blogs, snails, online, game pieces etc etc.....

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8-16 hours yes, HOURS!!! ... but then again I'm on disability and because of epilepsy, really limited on being able to go outside without assistance. So, I do sweeps. You'd think I'd win more...LOL, but in reality about 1 small prize a week.
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Well, I fart around off and on all day so don't know how much time I spend actually entering. I'm retired so I get up and go do dreaded housework for a bit then come back, go out to the store etc and come back . I also waste time at POGO and reading forums, looking up things on Google that interest me so I am on the computer off and on all day. If I need to go somwhere for most of the day I can get my daily entries and other must dos done in about an hour. I have to make myself concentrate for that though .
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I enter here and there. Some days I will spend 3-4 hours. Other days I will just enter a few I see I like, and then other days I will just do my dailys. Depends what mood I am in and what I have going on. I am more of a part time sweeper though.
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Not enough!
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3 to 4 hours a day off and on
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I spend as many hours on as I can
depends how I feel my life works around how I feel so I get alot of time in doing this :0) Home 24/7 with no vehicle so I'm on more than most probably. I wake up and go directly to my email and here LOL

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It depends on my motivation. Generally on the weekends I spend 8-10 hours (a day) and on the week days 0 - 4 hrs. I'm not as motivated on the weekdays.

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I spend 4 hours a day generally, more if I have some extra time...usual routine is veg out while watching tv. Becomes fairly mindless to enter.

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not nearly enough lol I would say an hour or two at most..
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I spend probably less than an hour a day and that's entering on my breaks at work. I wish I had more time to devote to it but I figure small wins are better then none.
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Anywhere from an hour to 8 hours. I'm all over the place.
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