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One Roll toilet paper

[jericho season 1]
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Nothing yet using it but I've only been entering a little over a year seriously.

I just realized this myself about a month ago. I have won some prizes, about 40 during the 13 months or so that I've been entering, but they all came from singles that I manually entered or if it was a daily, I had to join with a password and each daily entry was a simple email address entry. Some already had the form filled out when you returned for the next day entry and I love those

I am glad you asked this question and it is good to read the answers. I was getting paranoid also. I do use implode's method with robo.

I do see many lately that say in the rules key stroke only and it makes me wonder.
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everything I enter, I use roboform pro

my wins 2014
MY 2016 wins
MY 2017 wins
mY 2018 Wins
you JELLY?
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I have won all of my prizes using roboform-biggest win was a trip to Orlando (which I ultimately didn't get to accept-but that's a different story.) Roboform is allowed by most sweeps.
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All of my prizes have been from sweeps that I was able to use Roboform. With the exception of the forms that don't let me use an autofill.

"Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for." -Bob Marley
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