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The ARV is calculated to cover the airfare from anywhere in the US... I would think that the real ARV is closer to $1000. I would also think that the company will gladly pay your train ticket. You would pay taxes based on the actual cost of the trip not the ARV. Keep track of the costs and ask the hotel for a copy of the receipt.

If this is a hobby that you plan to contintue pursueing - you need to have a conversation with your man and get him to understand that this is important to you and something that you really want to do. If the next win is something he would really like you wouldn't consider not signing the affy, why should he do this to you, unless the 2-300 in taxes would seriously impact your life.
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I agree with what everyone else has said.

Before you can start negotiating about prizes elements, you need to get your affy in. My last trip that I have not taken yet, nor decided who my guest will be, I sent in the affy for myself, and explained that as soon as I get a confirm for my guest, I'd send them their affy/signed form. At first, they "balked" at this, but relented after hearing my reason and checking with their legal department.
But, I was notified of this trip last Oct./Nov. and it does not have to be completed till the end of Sept. this year. So, After explaining my hesitations, they went along with this.
If your trip is not immediate, I would contact them and explain that you are hesitant about a guest, as so many things could come up between now and when you take your trip (we've had about 4 things that have come up with my potential guest since I was notified, so I'm really glad they've given me some leeway on guest paperwork.)
If they won't give you leeway on a guest, and you indeed want to go, then ask about them making adjustments for you to go alone, and would it be OK to request train fare, instead of airfare (it may not be...keep in mind that alot of prize elements may be "donated" by specific companies and they may not be able to negotiate on them).
Depending on what answers they give you, you can make further adjustments.
However, if you do not want to consider making this trip by yourself (or cannot think of anyone else who would go with you), then politely decline and let them (the sponsor/sweep administrator) move on.

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Keep in mind that the Affy has to be actually signed in front of the Notary and if you don't have the Affy delivered to the judging agency by the deadline , it will no longer be in your hands-they will automatically disqualify you and the entire prize will go to another winner. The part of the prize you would like is not worth paying taxes on the entire prize to keep so you do have the option to decline the trip and hope a better win comes your way. It is hard , I know!

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It really depends on how much you really want to go and if you can budget money in to pay off the taxes.. after you filled out the form and get all the dots signed then decide who you will take along if hubby won't go with you as you do only have a limited time to get all that done.

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$5,000 seems like a high value for that trip.

I would ask them for an itemized list of how that breaks down before you will send the appropriate paperwork.

Amy Lynn
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Red face Tell him that you're taking your boyfriend!!!
That'll get his attention Just kiddingTell him that sweep is your life, I mean hobby, and that it means a great deal to you to take the winWhatever happens, good luck to you and yours.
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take someone else...and pay the taxes. Someone that you enjoy spending time with...maybe a relative or friend that you can treat.

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yeah, invite someone else. i have a short list and a long list.
peeps on my short list have learned you snooze you lose!

Even if your spouse is a tried and truly enjoyable travel companion, go ahead and invite someone else, you'd be surprised at how many people you know and enjoy would find it an awesome treat to be treated to a trip.
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Going Solo
Funny, someone mentioned going alone. I thought of that option, if I ever won a trip where I had friends, to cut down on the value/taxes. I hope you enjoy your win!
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I wanted to throw in a different perspective. If the trip includes a "once in a lifetime experience", it might be worth the cost. If all you are getting is two nights at a really nice hotel in a city that is 2 hours driving distance, that you've visited lots of times before, plus a gift card and gift basket... that in my mind is a really hard "win" to justify taking.

Trip wins are almost always valued at "full retail" hotel rates. I'm not sure what you could get the ARV down to, but take away the airfare for a second, let's stay conservative at $2000 ARV, and then decide if paying 35% taxes (just rough number) or $700.. is that worth it for a 2 night stay, $200 gift card, and gift basket?

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You can file taxes on actual valve of the prize, If you drove before round trip is probably less than $100 for gas and get print out of reasonable accommodations for the quantity of nights. (Cheaper hotel) You can even print out Amazon or Ebay prices for the beauty supplies. You would pay taxes on the value of the gift cards and at the most another $500-1000 value.
Depending on your tax situation $5000 is actually a small amount, I've paid $0-500 taxes on that amount.
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Congrats-and a problem i would love to have-no idea what to do -i am sure you will do what you think i s best for your situation

Every entry is a potential Winner -
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I know that this doesn't help at all now, but in the future it would probably help if you guys discuss what kind of wins that you are both enthusiastic enough about to make the taxes worthwhile. I learned early on that we just don't agree 100% on these things.

I don't enter for trips, because honestly, I'm a homebody type. But if I weren't, we would probably sit down and discuss what places we both wanted to go to enough, to pay the taxes on a trip win. That way you're a team and you aren't wasting time entering for things were this is going to happen and you're going to be disappointed.

I do have an idea on most sweeps that I enter, especially the really high value, non cash ones that we would be in agreement. But there are some where I'm not 100% sure of how he would feel, and honestly I'm not 100% sure how I feel about them either. In those cases I wait to enter until I've had a chance to talk to SO and we make the decision together.

On the other hand, if you want to take on the full tax liability yourself, then you should enter for whatever you want and like others have said, take a friend or go on your own and have fun.
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they should adjust arv,they did for me once,most companies are super,then i bet he goes

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Originally Posted by pandka View Post
This may not work. By accepting, you are accepting the prize as it is, a trip for 2. It would be like accepting, not taking the trip, and trying to pay taxes just on the other prizes.
I won a trip for 4 and only 3 went. The 1099 showed the actual cost of the 3 airline tickets, not what 4 tickets would have cost. So if she went by herself she would only have to pay taxes on what the ticket actually costs.

Sweeps often have a very high ARV because they figure the farthest someone would have to fly, like Hawaii, or completely across country (CA to DC for example). Since you are within driving distance the ARV is going to be much lower, maybe even half as much.
I would probably mark out his info on the affy and notarize your signature. Maybe write declined across his part.
Or just call the JA and ask them what you should do.
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