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Am I Not Going To Win My Prize Now?
Hello everyone,

This is my first time on here and I looked through all of the forums and felt that this would be the best one to post in. I got a text earlier today saying that I won a prize from eprize in the sweepstakes I was in. When I entered my information, since I am in college now, I put my address down at the apartment I am living in at school right now. Then afterwards, I wondered if I should have put my actual home address because the faqs said "Your home address allows us to identify your residence for eligibility purposes." So being the paranoid guy I am, I emailed eprize letting them know my situation and providing both addresses.

So, I was wondering since I put my apartment where I am living at school as my home address, if I am not longer going to be eligible to win the prize?

Thank you in advance!
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It probably wont matter as long as you meet the age requirements and that the rules don't require you to be a resident of one state but you are away at school in another state. Do a search on OLS for the contest you won and double check the rules word for word. That is my opinion, anyway. You may get some differing opinions on here. Read those rules and if you met all of them I don't think you have anything to worry about! Good Luck!

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I agree you should be fine. ePrize are pretty cool about things.

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I really believe you should be fine (unless they uncover someone else entering from the other address). As long as you don't have other family members entering it won't look suspicious.

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Sometimes they don't like PO boxes, but I don't think apartments are a problem.

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One thing to consider is if you are going to be moving when school ends and giving up your apartment is that it can take many months to get a prize from Eprize, especially if it's an instant win prize. You have to wait 8-10 weeks after the sweep ends to get your prize so if you do plan on moving in a few months when school ends then it would be better to use your house address.
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you will be fine as long as you only used the one address to enter with if its a one time entry

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Yes, I agree with Rocky's Jewel, eprize can be very forgiving no matter what the urban legend is how they are so easy to dq people.
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Your school address will probably be fine. I wouldn't worry. But if you plan to continue entering and winning, it might be better to use your house/home address until you finish school. I have been notified as long a year after entering a sweep that I won. So if your address has changed, you might never even know that you won. Then delivery can take time as well. Often prizes don't arrive for 8 - 10 weeks. Congrats on your win.
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i would contact eprize, very legit promo company. They send you a robo answer and tell you within 3 days they will get back to you. The two times I did this, they got back to me within 2 days. Very Professional. I think you just need to show them what contest you won.
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Thanks everyone,

I emailed them on Friday so hopefully I will hear back from them this week!
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