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HGTV Dream Home winner picked today
Looks like they picked the winner today! Good Luck everybody! Hope this link works.

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Can you even imagine? I let myself dream of it actually overwhelming. Ideally I'd like to go and actually visit the house, check it out. Then sell the thing. No way could I afford to keep it!
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Hope someone here gets it.

I admit, I'd love to see the house. But, I would take the cash option.

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i hope an OLSer wins this! If i did, I'd visit the home but take the cash$$$!

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Look at the number of entries! Crazy to think only 40 or so of those are mine. Here's to luck!

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so the number of entries has gone up thru the years.
I haven't kept up with the number of entries they've shown the past 2-3 years, back in the 2006-2009 timeframe (I think), the entries progressively got larger each year, and the last year I had checked it was at 40-50 million.
Now, its at 77 1/2 million. That's alot of

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Oh, nuts... the timing was when BIL was busy talking to DH on the phone for 45 minutes!!!!

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my goodness. sure could use some cash! nice house out of 77 million? guess theres numbers assigned to each person. couldnt fit my name on a little ball. =) wonder if its a mail in or internet entry this year..?

how is it picked by a ball in a roll machine? musta narrowed it down to a bunch to fit in there. hmm

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I wonder if today is the day they ambush the person on video or if its just the day they draw the name......

I'm out of town till tomorrow... so I want to be home when they show up! Ha ha!

Amy Lynn
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I did miss a phone call from Deer Park NY could it have been them calling me? I'm sure it was not. GLTA.
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I can't access FB at work but I was wondering if they actually call first. I always thought if they ambushed you in person it was a surprise visit? ! It said the ambush would happen between 2/28 and 3/1 I think. I am waiting for them to fight the snow and come to my house. I will put on a fresh pot of coffee! LOL
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No blizzard here. Great weather, come to my house and enjoy the wonderful Arizona weather.
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its nice in florida no snow to worry about pick me please
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How did they fit 77 million entries into that little spinner? ;P
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From drawings in the past they explained that the ping pong ball represents the number of the BIN they pick it from. The physical bins with the balloons are for the mail-in entries. They are numbered 1-20 or however many. A mail-in has never won that I know of. The ball would have to be 1-20 etc. The odds are in favor of an online (virtual bin) being selected. I don't remember how many entries are in a bin (1,000's?). So they pick a ball that tells them what bin to choose the entry from. If it's virtual, they go to that bin number on the computer and then let the computer randomly select a winner from the bin. If it's a physical bin, they would reach in and pick an entry.

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