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Quack Muzzle???!!!
Oh Brother!!!! What next??!!!

Stop making that duckface, and that goes for your little (or medium or large) dog too! Japanese designer pet supplies maker OPPO obviously didn't get the memo on the meme, as the company is persisting with their stated mission of providing pet products which “offer a lifestyle where humans and pets can coexist naturally as animals.” We think that means both you and your pet can now look equally ridiculous when posing together for MySpace, er, Facebook profile pics.

All indignity aside, the Quack dog muzzle was designed to be both pet- and pet-owner-friendly thanks to its soft silicone composition and “charming” beak-like shape. They may have a point as even the most intimidating Pit Bull will instantly revert to pampered Toy Poodle innocuousness once you slap a Quack on its schnozz.

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OMG I need this. My dog is a barker and it drives me crazy, at least I could have a laugh at her for a change.

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