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outdoor adventure (scam?)
I received a call from Outdoor adventure that their going to mail me a key with a chance to open a truck or $20k. They said they drew my name from an entry I submitted at the mall.. I did submit an entry form at the mall but it was for a pepsi sweep so i don't even know... Does anyone else think this sounds like a scam?
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I googled it and found this - sounds like a scam for sure. It is a marketing sales type thing and many talk about this key scam that lures you into the hard sell

My wife and I went to Outdoor Adventures as part of a promo that's designed to get people to join the facilities in March 2010. They give you a key that will hopefully win a truck, but have two prizes if that doesn't happen. First they guarantee you've won a minimum of $500.00, which is simply inaccurate.

There's 5 potential prizes and you win two: 1) His her watch, which is worth $20.00 MAYBE with odds of 74, 992 out of 75, 000; 2) Disney Trip with odds of 1 out of 75, 000; 3) 27" TV, with odds of 3 out of 75, 000; 4) eight 3night-2day vacations, which is more complicated then it's worth to even attempt to book, plus it costs $50.00 just to do the paperwork with a refund once you land the hotel with zero airfare, etc. with odds of 74, 992 out of 75, 000; and 5) $500.00, with odds of 2 out of 75, 000.

The long and short: You will win the $20 dollar watches and the 8 vacations you really can't use. They also promised a $25 dollar resturant voucher, which I had to remind them of (as they forgot).

Finally, it costs $10, 000 to join and $360 per year for one park only -- which wasn't nearly as nice as many state parks I've stayed in. The salesman couldn't even answer any questions related to overbooking, peak times, slow times, cost to use the outdoor pool, etc. His answers were circle-jerks. Then they slid in the ultimate salesman to try and convince us of this great deal, at which point he cut the price in half. This alone was a turn off. Having the price dropped in 1/2 within minutes demostrates the true value of this package. It's worthless. Goodluck Outdoor Adventures...see you in bankruptcy court.

My two cents worth: Don't give an organization like this $10, 000 of your hard earned money, as bankruptcy will wipe your poor investment right out. They apparently have no safeguards in place to protect your 10k.

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It is most likely a time share company......that is what they do....go for the free gift

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