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Oh my....
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I actually like Real Clear Politics averaging of the polls. It seems to leaven some of the inadequacies in the polling.
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I kinda' like these poll results, since Rasmussen always slants their polls far right and Fox gets their numbers primarily from wingnuts.

Rasmussen Tracking 7/8 - 7/10 Romney +1
FOX News 6/24 - 6/26 Obama +5

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RealClearPolitics has a page of recent political twitters, and on the right they have all the national poll results as well as state polls.


And somewhat off-topic, but not worthy of it's own thread: Doesn't Mittens look and sound awfully awkward today (NAACP convention)? He's getting some groans and almost boos. Huge boo when saying he'd repeal Obamacare.

"Beliefs do not affect facts. But facts should affect beliefs, if you are rational." ~ Ricky Gervais
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