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I am so mad at PCH (and myself)
This evewning I entered a Publishers Clearing House contest. Page after page of things to opt out of. Finally I see a page saying I have won a $50.00 gift certificate. Boy was I excited.

So here I went.. page after page of more opt outs. I finally reached a page saying that I had to sign up and fulfill one of the offers below to get the gc. Things like sign up and be accepted for a credit card or sign up for Columbia House.

What a let down and what a load of doodoo. I dont even know when it switched from being the contest to this. I did learn one thing. I wont be entering any more of their contests.
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They are maddening. Have you ever received the entry form in the mail, with all of the ads & fliers, and the stickers you have to put in specific places? I've done them a few times, & whew what a chore. I've done the online version once, and it too was very complex, trying to click on the right places etc- & I ended up where I didn't want to be...
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I think the postal ads are worse than the on-line stuff. I've gotten 3 this month. Not only is it full of ads, but you have to weed through it to pull out all the stuff with your name and address on it to shred. Geesh - do they really think I'm going to buy this stuff, when I've never EVER bought anything from them before!? I've never even entered the contest - so I don't even know for sure how I got on their list of people to send "EVERYTHING" to. lol Oh well.
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Worse yet, they will begin to call you. At first I was rude and that didn't chase them away. So....when they called the last time and said "This is a courtesy call to congratulate you as a possible grand prize winner in the contest...." I cut them off right there and with all the joy in my voice I could muster, I said "Oh my God, THANK YOU for letting me know!!!!" and hung up. I think it freaked them out because I haven't had a call since! They are a pain in the butt and WHY do they care if I have a VISA or Mastercard???

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