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Post Phone numbers
Did you get a call from an unknown number? If you answered did it turn out to be a scam or a legitmate sweeps notification? Personally, I've never received an actual win notification by phone and do not give out my mobile # for commercial purposes so do not bother answering unrecognized calls but thought it might be useful to start a reference thread to list both the good and bad numbers.
Recently, for example, I was called from 973-679-7705 but did not reply. A web search tells me the call is from New Jersey and I do not have an association with anyone from there but am curious about experiences others may have had with this number.
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i had an unknown number call on a Sunday last year if was from Top Chef show i won a cookbook so you might want to answer might be a win

Every entry is a potential Winner -
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I only have a landline, not a cell phone. I do get calls from unknown numbers and I usually answer them in the hope that it is a sweep win notification. But they are almost always telemarketers. In the 12 years that I have been sweeping online, I have gotten 2 winning phone calls (that I know of - most say that they don't leave a message, so I could have missed some).

If that's a phone number you have listed on a sweep form, It's probably best to go ahead and answer the phone every time on the very slight chance that it is a win notification.

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Again and again answer the phone

Eprize called me for about a week I really think that was
A good one

I wish I would have answered the phone

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I answer all calls and I can't remember an unknown one that was ever actually worth answering. I've had at least 3 winning phone calls and they've all had phone numbers, but that doesn't stop me from answering unknowns.
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Answer all calls..You can always hang up ..... though no one is watching, though you have never been hurt before, though no one can hear you, though heaven is on earth ....Souza
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Yep, answer all calls. I am pretty sure I lost out on a car win a few years back. Didn't answer and when I called back it was MTV and it was on the day that a Mustang winner was gonna be notified. MTV used to make one call and if there was no answer (they may still do it), they moved to the next person. Like someone posted earlier, you can always hang up.

"Better Lucky Than Good"
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I've probably only had five phone calls informing me of wins in all of the time that I've been sweeping, an ipod, GPS, laptop, $5,000 Amazon GC and a Maserati. You have to know that I answer all phone calls. I don't remember how any of them showed up on my phone, but it doesn't really matter, I just answer and deal with it.

You're right that most of them won't be wins, but as adults, we all have the ability to say no thanks and hang up the phone. I'm on the Do Not Call list, which cuts way down on the garbage calls, but a few do sneak through, as well as political groups and charitable groups and I can deal with those and they are few and far between.

Just the fact that we know of so many more sweeps that list in the rules that they call once and move on, as a sweeper, has to make you answer the phone. The current weekly one for $10,000 dollars would be enough to make me answer. I used to list my home phone on sweeps, but I changed that over to my cell last year as so many more sweeps were doing the one call thing, I wanted to always be available. And I really don't get junk calls on my cell, the occasional wrong # here and there.

Sitting here and making some sort of list seems like a time waster. Even if you printed it out, which is doubtful and had it sitting next to your phone, by the time you go through the list trying to compare, they've hung up and you could very well have missed a great prize.
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I won a car through a phone call, but not much else, so you never know.
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Name and Address of the owner

Phone number: 973-679-7705

is located in Newark, New Jersey.

Its exchange 679 is managed by LEVEL 3 COMMUNICATIONS, LLC -.

The number is currently on switch number WHWKNJANDS0 (switch is a technical specification for phone hobbyists) .

I have won and was notified via phonecall as well...

MY WINS Could you spare some box tops?
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I answer ALL CALLS! I just don't understand sweepers who don't answer their phones, but hey, thank you! I appreciate it!
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Originally Posted by Janir View Post
I answer ALL CALLS! I just don't understand sweepers who don't answer their phones, but hey, thank you! I appreciate it!
Me too I answer all calls. It's just as easy to hang up the phone as it is to answer it.

They can call me as the winner when someone else doesn't pick up their phone. It has happened in the past I won a great Grand Prize and I wasn't the first person they tried to call and they weren't leaving messages. I am so grateful to the people who didn't answer their phones.

I've also been notified of several other great wins by phone.
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Phone numbers
You almost have to take a chance when you enter sweeps. I almost did not answer
and it was The Ellen show - I won a bike.
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I answer all calls no matter what. I can always hang up.

Did you call the number back?
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In last 2 months--I was notified of both an IPAD (from kum n go) and Budwieser UFC trip (from young america).

Hall of Fame Winner of BMW i3!!!
Hall of Fame Winner of a trip to NZ!!!
Hall of Fame Winner of $10,000!!!
Hall of Fame winner of Super Bowl Trip!!!
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