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I know, I know. Patience....
I've only been "sweeping" for maybe 2-3 days but.. How long will it take until I'm maybe going to win something?

Better question - How long did it take for you to win?

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well for one depends on what kinds of sweeps you are entering,blogs? regular sweeps? You just have to learn which ways are best for you.for example on thursday i won 3 blog prizes but i do wish you my wins and welcome to ols
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Welcome Liz!! It takes a bit of time for quite few of the prizes to start arriving...if you look at the rules a lot of them will say that the prize will arrive 6-8 weeks after the drawing.....some arrive sooner I won from a magazine and recd the gift about a week after being notified. Sometimes you are notified and sometimes things just show up ( these are really the best). For me it was about 2 months after starting to sweep full time. Happy Sweeping and many Wins to you!!!

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We have people that have been on this site for months and are posting the same topic. It can take months. It depends on how many sweeps you are entering and if you are entering blogs. No given amount of time. I won a digital camera the first week off an IWG, but remember besides IWGs, you may be entering for sweeps that end in a month or two so you won't get the results if you did win until then.

IWG = Instant Win Games*

Also I can honestly say you win more often being premium. I said I wouldn't renew my premium last year if I didn't win something worth $30 that was worth the money in the time remaining of my last premium subscription. Well, I won $500 off a premium sweep, so it stayed. It IS worth it.
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You are right! It definately takes more than a few days or months to win!!

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How about ...you could win tomorrow, OR it could be 8 months from now, or a year. The answer is persistence. Sweep every day, and eventually a win will occur. No promises that it will be a big one, though I haven't had a big win in abouth three years.

My Wins
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Keep Entering!!
When I came to OLS, a member told me to enter every instant win every day. She was right, I started winning (little prizes but so exciting) and then after about two months, the regular sweeps started ending and I started getting a few of them.
It can take time, but if you are sweeping because you enjoy the "thrill of the hunt", you are on the right path..
Instant Win Games..
Welcome to OLS..

Good Luck to Everyone!!
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For 9 years, I have never won anything during the months January - April (for whatever reason). After that, I usually win small to medium prizes through the end of the year. I don't enter blogs or FB.
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Cool Wow 2-3 days........
This may not be the hobby for you.

........ marvin
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Welcome to OLS! You've gotten some good advice here. I've seen some new people post that they won an instant within a week of starting sweeping. Others don't win their first prize for several months, and if you are a seasoned sweeper, you can hit dry spells where you don't win anything for a while too. Enter as often as possible and hopefully you will see some wins soon. Good luck!

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Give it a year. That is a long enough time for you to see what sweeping is really like. You get what you put into it.Lots of entries will eventually pay off. Good luck!

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Welcome! I started in March and I enter about 166 that are dailies saved in MySweeps and then I enter the ones that are ending 2 days from today (to stay ahead), then I enter all the instant and then, at the end of the day, enter the new ones from today. In total, I probably enter close to 400 a day. I have won three prizes and two of them, I was notified almost 2 weeks after I won. I won those about two weeks ago and still haven't received them. Like everyone said, once you win something, it could be a few months before you get them and sometimes, you don't even get emailed that you won. Just hang in there! It's so fun when you do win, it's like Christmas morning!
Best of luck and happy sweeping!
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Yup, that -
... and enter for a Stella Artois chalice, it'll probably make you feel better!

Last edited by muncha66; April 29th, 2012 at 1:18pm. Reason: left out a letter...
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I was doing instant win games here and there for a year before I won anything. If I'm consistent and enter everyday (blogs, instant win games, dailies, 1x'ers) then I average about 5-15 small wins a month. In 4 months I will have been sweeping for a year, pretty heavily and I've never won anything to write home about.
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