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Jane at Chosen Winner
Bogus or not? I'd be less suspicious if this email was sent to my email address that I tend to use for sweeping, but it wasn't. I can only assume that somebody has sold my information (because today is actually my birthday). I don't recall any Planet49, chosen-winner.com, nor free-choices.com It burns me that I can get duped into having my information passed around like Valentine candy. Occupational hazard I guess.

Originally Posted by jane@free-choices.com
Dear Dark Bee (actual name here),

Today is a very special day: Your birthday!
We wish you the very best!

On this special day, we also have this exclusive birthday offer for you:

250 FREE Business Cards. Choose from 45 Custom, Full-Color Designs. Order Today! www.vistaprint.com/planet49

Enjoy your special day!

Your Chosen Winner Team

You have received this e-mail because you have registered for the big iPhone
draw, a service of PLANET49.

You've got to be in it to win it!
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I woud say a vista print thing, not really a scam because they offer 250 free cards all the time.
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Plus I think you pay S&H...

MY WINS!!! last win (01/30/2017)
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