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Google Autofill Equals Disqualification?
I've been sweeping pretty much all day today (I had a lot of time to kill) and I just read about forty minutes ago that stuff like autofill might get you disqualified and now I'm freaking out a bit thinking all that work was for nothing; I entered a LOT of different sweeps.

Will using Autofill in Google Chrome disqualify a participant?
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I wonder
I've been sweeping online since 2004 and never used an autofill until I switched to Google chrome, so I'm wondering about it just like you are.
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I really doubt it. Sponsors typically say something about not using automated methods of entry, but that's something different. The types of automated entries they're talking about are basically programs that automatically enter for you over and over in a period of time. People who use these methods (which are usually called scripts or macros) are trying to get in hundreds or thousands of entries.
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Question What do entries on Facebook know
When I first came to OLS there were some posts by folks who had/or were working for administrator or fulfillment companies. They knew how their companies detected referrers. So then there was a big deal about switching to Firefox where you could hide the referrer, such as OLS being the referrer. I'm not up to speed on whether the main issue should be autofill or referrer and whether if you enter on Facebook, would they know any of the stuff they used to know, such as autofill or referrer, so why use Firefox or why worry.
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I saw post about winners using it i never tried it
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I always use autofillers (except on flash forms where it doesn't work) and I've won several grand prizes and lots of smaller items. Obviously this is just my opinion and I guess certain companies might not like it, but I've won enough to know that it's okay by some and there is no way I'm typing things over and over!
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I used to use it all the time and won consistantly. Then I got a new computer and I don't use it as much for some reason.

But if it is a prize I REALLY REALLY want I will go directly to that website from my computer homepage and I will manually type. Superstition I guess!

Do a Random Act of Kindness every day! Spread peace and joy!
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Welcome to OLS! You don't want to use any auto entry programs (the ones that say they will enter for you), but auto fill is different and should not be a reason for disqualification. With auto fill, you still have to personally visit the site, which is what the companies want you to do. I've been using Roboform for years and have several wins, and most people here use that or some other form filler. Good luck!

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There are a handful that require entries to be hand typed, they will mention that in the rules.

There are a few others that cause problems with formfillers because they have extra, hidden fields (i.e.name, address, phone, refer, etc.) that aren't used for the entry but will interfere with it; some of these I think are internal fields that tell the site which sweep is being entered, and if your formfiller overwrites that field the entry won't go through, technically not disqualifying, just blocked.

So basically read the rules, try typing the entry if the site says there was an error, and usually type in single entry sweeps if you're worried about it.
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There always can be a problem using an autofill--either from google chrome, roboform or one of the other autofill programs. They are NOT auto entry programs which are prohibited from most sweeps. A single DQ out of maybe several thousand (or more) entries? The time you save is more than worth the risk!!

Read the notes posted here with the sweeps. If someones says there "may" be a problem using an autofill with a particilar sweep--then just hand type that entry. No big deal.
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i have used roboform and now autofill and have won a Macbook-ipod nano-dyson vac -and countless other goodies through the years--so far so good
as others have posted i think our might mean-a site or program that enters for you -a no-no
but using form fillers -no

Every entry is a potential Winner -
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