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Losing my mind!
Well, it's finally happened! 32 and have completely lost my mind. A couple of hours ago I was on the expiring tomorrow, blogs only, newest first and I got to page 5. Had to quit for awhile and then I go back to the exact same thing and I'm double checking and on page 3 there are new sweeps that I have never seen before. If they had just been added then they would be at the very beginning of page 1. Nope, they magically appeared and I just don't get it. Could be that I haven't slept in 2 days but not sure . Is there such a thing as sweeps magically appearing?
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I have been entering "todays new" ones before .. and noticed go one page forward and some of the ones enterted are now on the new page...

Depends how you are sorting.. expiration date, ABC order.. date added etc...

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