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Sweepstakes Ninja
Hey there,

So would using Sweepstakes Ninja be an outsource? Has anyone been using the Ninja to sweep and have you won? Please be kind.

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There is no way they can guarantee you will not be disqualified and even blackballed, by using it. Most sweeps have a rules against using software to enter for you. I'm sure it's not that hard to detect if you are using a program to enter you. I don't even use the fill and submit feature on robofrom for the fear that it might be picked up as an automatic program even though it isn't. Even though Ninja it sounds great, I would personally never take the risk. It's not worth it. Sometimes they will let you know when you have been blackballed and locked out of the sweeps a Judging Agency handles but usually they will not.
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It's better to be ninja yourself

Howewer, if you need - Sweepstakes Ninja discount coupon

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