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convention winners!
brent won $500
nicole (brents girlfriend) won $100
panda won $500
i won 5th place in the caption contest-i won fedex a fedex hat and socks
gemini lion won a prize from the envie decorating contest
play wanda won a prize
sorry if i forget anyone!
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I won 500 dollars
I won the envelope decorating contest grand prize which included 100 dollars and a mess of supplies plus I got to keep all the entries-like 30 envelopes
I won a gift pack from the contest queen including her book
I won a vendoe raffle 2nd prize from postcards puzzles and more- the girls who are throwing next years party
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congrats to you guys! great prizes

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Hi Gang,
Did really good at this year's convention. Won the banquet centerpiece which was a set of tree ornaments in the shape of Texas (Theme was Christmas Texas style)

And then I was selected to choose a prize from under the tree, which was a oversized totebag filled with Sweepstakes supplies from the Segura Sweepers of Arizona. This makes the 2nd year in a row I've won a prize at banquet.

Overall this makes my 4th year in a row winning a prize at convention. 2004 in San Diego, was my only non winning convention.

But by far my greatest prize was seeing my friends Tom and Heather Carroll with their 4 daughters plus Heather's mom Joyce. They now live in Colorado Springs, CO (used to be in the Los Angeles area) and I had no idea they were coming to San Antonio. When I saw Tom and the family at Thursday's Welcome Reception it was definately my GRAND PRIZE of the weekend.

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There really weren't "a lot" of prizes this year. I won $100. OLS was very generous this year tho. They gave away tons of money. (Thank you Brent).

My biggest prize was meet my peeps! You guys were all a riot!!!
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Grand Prize..Meeting GF , Kdavis511 after 3 yrs online friendship
Frist Prize.....Meeting fellow OLSers and celebrating my BIRTHDAY with the best group of people you ever want to meetEVERYONE !!!

1.I won envelopes from Just Envelopes
2.Writing Valet ($80.00) from "Give 'em the Boot" .I also got to keep a painted cowboy boot from this contest. "Please anyone reading this and has the right one size 10 PM me "....LOL
3.I won a set of candles from Lucky Ducks raffle.1st prize
4.A box of supplies ,50 stamps.and 35mm camera and other whatnots form the "Pinata Party" game donated by South Florida Treasure Hunters.($45.00 )

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Yeah to all the winners!!!!! Go to the Hershey Convention this year! TONS of prizes...more than you will ever see in one lifetime. Honest!

"It's nice to be important...but it's more important to be nice"
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Congrats to all the winners!

I wasn't so lucky, but there is always next year right.
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DH Jim won 500 first class stamps! Also got to see old friends and meet new ones; it was wonderful! San Antonio was a fantastic venue for a convention. Valerie
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I won 500 .42 stamps too. My travel buddy and I always plan to split our prizes every year. She won 500 postcard stamps, so we each walked away with 250 each of the postcard and 1st class stamps. We should be set!
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No Skunk This Year
Finally won a prize at my 5th Convention! In the Give Em The Boot game, my cowgirl boot, decorated with fantastic Neiman Marcus themes, contained a certificate for a Compaq Presario Laptop! And the convention hosts are shipping it UPS to me!
I can't complain, but it would have been pretty slim pickins' if Brent hadn't sweetened the pot over and over for other "winners" this year. Brent is da man.

My Wins
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  Old  September 2nd, 2008, 12:39am     #12
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while i didn't win anything monetary or gift wise...
i feel i was a BIG winner seeing all my favorite peeps again this year. it's such a fun get together and i had a blast. and thanks again to brent for donating so much to the drawings...WTG!

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Congrats guys sounds like it was a blast
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Doing the Won $500 cold hard CASH money! Paid for my plane ticket--or gonna buy stamps? Plane ticket or stamps? Plane ticket or stamps? Guess you all know which way I am going. Post Office here I come. Woo-hoo!!

Kathy in OR
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I won 500 first class stamps and I got to meet Cathy Veester.

My Wins
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