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OH NO!!! I wish I would have read through this post yesterday!! I woke up to a Twitter lock and when I got back in they removed all of my follows. Now I am following 0 people!! All the sweeps that I could win by using a Twitter follow are null and void now. I'm so sad!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update - They did not respond to my questioning tweets but all the people that I was following came back within about 10 minutes of me questioning them.

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When you are suspended, your followers always drop to zero. It takes a few hours or days, depending on how many followers you have, for their software to add back your followers. You don't need to do anything.
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Originally Posted by quilligan View Post
I got locked out today too. Not sure why. I had not tweeted anything yet. Go figure.
That sure doesn't make sense does it?

Jalapeno Mama Good luckies
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