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Ugly little suckers when they first hatch huh?

Cute as a button when they fluff up tho

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Oh my goodness, they are so adorable. Thank you for sharing their birth journey.

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Very, very cool. Thanks for sharing ... feels more like Easter now.

Denice . . . . Sailing into the wins . . .
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Originally Posted by jamieb29
Great pictures! I have never seen baby chicks like that before. Wish I lived on a farm so we could have some. They are so cute!! Now I don't know if I can eat eggs again...
Eggs are good for you.

The eggs you buy for eating are not fertile.

Btw, I live on a 50 x 100 lot of land. The backyard is 1/3 that area. I'm just outside NYC, on Long Island. You don't need a farm for chickens. Ideally, just a little backyard so they can eat grass and bugs besides their feed.

Don't stop eating chickens either. The ones you buy are commercial birds. They're only born to grow real fast - in about 38 days they're ready for the supermarket. They grow so fast they woud have a short life anyway. It's all genetics, not hormones.

Let me tell you something ... a chicken will eat anything that won't eat it first. If these intelligent birds were 5' tall they would be the dominant species on the planet and they'd be having us for dinner. Thank the Big Engineer for that opposable digit we have.

....duknuk's chicks are here!
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they're all so adorable, you should put their pics on cuteoverload.com
thanks so much for sharing

<------that's my baby, Cassandra

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oh thank you sooo much dorothy! i love those pics, the chicks are just too damn cute!
i appreciate you sharing!

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What a great thread! thanks so much for sharing. this was a real treat for me to see Looking forward to seeing more pics. I do hope the remaining ones remain healthy.
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aHHHHHHHHH!!! thats so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My mark store! http://www.mymarkstore.com/dustyjones
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Originally Posted by duknuk
It's just something there and it's under the heat source and they like to lay their heads on something; I guess like we use pillows. I have a prehistoric rock with small round rocks inbedded in it at the other end of the brooder tub and some of them go over there to investigate. They climb and peck.

One of the chicks that just hatched has a deformed leg. The joint is unable to straighten. She looks miserable and tries to drag herself around on it. I hope she passes peacefully during the night. Life is so precious and I'm kinda sad about this one. The last chicks to hatch seem to be the weakest and smallest.

I'm really sorry!!
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something about your love of chickens really warms my heart.
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Thanks for sharing. Sorry to hear about the ailing chick. Wish I had my camera today as we stopped at the feed store and they had some baby turkeys. They were so fun to watch.
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I iwsh we could have chickens but wih building inspectors parading in and out they would catc on to our flock real quick. The folks around teh corner have an illegal flock and i'm so jealous!!

The pics you took are awesome, good luck with your new flock

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Those are just the cutest things. ....Certainly made my day. The man on the farm next to ours got 46 fertile eggs and an incubator. But they'll be almost a month old before I get to see them. Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks so much for sharing they are beautiful...
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Absolutely adorable!!!! Thanks so much for sharing the pics with us!!!
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