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I finally took the chance and pushed the "DO NOT CLICK HERE" link. Made my heart skip a few beats.

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please enter me kb i dont leave for ireland till the 15th and would love to meet more ols peeps

my tip for everyone is

check out the whats on your mind section in the forums once in a while


and read the advice // support // vent subjects and see if you can help another member in any way with some kind words

thank you for this
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I Just Love This Site
I have been with OLS for awhile now and still discover new things all of the time with this site. Just the other day believe it or not I found the Shazam section. Never knew what it meant. I love the Note section and post as often as I can to help out. My daily ritual starts with this publication and the expiring today. Believe it or not I jump out of bed to run to the computer to get my entries in and that is before my first cup of tea!! I love the way we can click off that we have entered a sweepstakes especially the 1 per person. It was a nightmare before that trying to figure out what I had entered or not. There is really NOTHING that I DON'T like about this site. Brent and his staff have gone way beyond their call of duty in making this the top website place to be. I'd go crazy with out it. In fact, I had let the subscription lapse for 1/2 a day and I was an absolute lunatic until I went back on. Will never happen again.

Thanks so much for all of your hard work and hope to meet you at convention. I will be my first!!

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My entry into the convention sweeps!
Well, I'm not going to be terribly original, but my favorite tips about OLS are as follows:

1) Lurk if you have to, but don't lurk if you can come out of your cave! I've found so very many friendly, generous, and helpful OLS'ers that are more than happy to assist me with advice, ideas, and humor!

2) Utilize the many useful features of the site. My favorites are: to sort sweeps by newest first (whether on a given day to check back and see if any new ones have been posted) or when I've been offline for a few days and want to check what are the newest dailies or 1X sweeps

3) The ability to PM a member with a question or thought. No one has to respond to you, and you will not bombard or be bombarded, but PM'ing gives us a chance to connect on a quick and personal level (not to mention how GREAT a read-receipt is, so you know if someone GOT your PM!!!)

4) The FAQ section. What more do I need to say - it's all there, if you look!!!

5) The "New Posts" link. You can see how much activity goes on here - what posts are hot, and which ones are generating lots of responses! It also gives you a chance to respond quickly.

6) The vast array of SMILIES!!

7) Add-a-sweep - though I've yet to beat any of you cunning and quick OLS'ers, one day I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!!!

8) Last, but not least, the User CP section that tracks the forums you're subscribed to (and can even e-mail you updates if you so desire) and your PM's so you can see who you've spoken to and who's written you, not to mention other countless USEFUL tools!

GLTA and have FUN with this thread!!!!!! OLS is great for EVERYONE - young, old, newbie, founding member, freebie, greenie - it all ROCKS!!!!

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Because of this contest, I have finalily figured out how to Add-a-Sweep!

I could never figure out why they all were in the same format, all addressing the same items such as eligiblity, start date, and so on.

There is a bookmark called SweepMark. One uses this when on the actual sweepstake website. It opens in a new window and what appears is either a list for duplication advoidance purposes or the actual form to add a sweep.

This made me realize that this website works because of the members. I never really thought about what makes this website function. I realize the hard work that the moderators and the webmaster do to maintain this website and I thank them. However, they would not have that work to do if the members were not contributing (I am in no way shape or form talking about money ). There exists a balance that works very well.

I truly enjoy my time spent here and the people I have come across.

Look out folks, I will now attempt to add a sweep!
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I had never before seen the "Search this thread" feature. It's great!! Like on the "What's for Dinner Thread?" I always search pages and pages for a recipe I wanted. Now I don't have to!!

I'm eternally blessed! My Wins
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Awesome sweep. I'd love to go but between car repair bills and heating bills there's no way I can afford to go on my own, so I'll throw my name in the hat.

One of my favorite places on OLS is the calender. I use the private calender function to record all of my wins. It is so convienient to enter wins on the day you win and then be able to go back and look at it from time to time and see if my wins have arrived or if it's something I need to get in touch with a sponsor about. Since I'm here every day I can keep all my sweeps related things right here on OLS and don't have to use a spreadsheet or anything else.

Thanks for the sweep!

My family's motto~ One for all and all for one. Alexandre Dumas

"Ohana means family. Family means nobody gets left behind, or forgotten." Lilo & Stitch
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Love "my sweeps"
My favorite feature is MY Sweeps which allows me to keep track not only of my dailies but the 1X sweeps. I can't always remember if I entered a sweep and this feature makes this so much easier for keeping track of those which I did enter.
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WOW! What a great contest!
Thank You KB and OLS for offering the chance to go to the convention!
My Favorite new part of OLS is Shazaam! I had been adding my daily sweeps to a folder in my favorites, but since Shazaam! was introduced, I add my dailys to MySweeps, and Shazaam! them! It really cuts down on the time I spend sweeping, and makes my life easier!
Shazaam! combined with Robo and a cable connection, and I can do hundreds of sweeps in a short amount of time!
I also Like the Chat room (I don't go in it often, but every time I have gone in, there has been some great conversations)
Once Again, Thank you for offering a contest that will allow those of us, that would LOVE to go to the convention, but cannot afford it a chance at going!

Edited to add..I love sweepmark too, but 99% of the time when I use it to check to see if I can add a new sweep, the sweep is already at OLS!

Last edited by greensthings; April 28th, 2005 at 5:09pm.
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I just decided to click on Arcade. Fun games, but I really did poorly - I'm just not good with games - I'll stick to sweeping.
I really love the new shazam feature. I can get a few more daily ones done. Thanks.

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my favorite feature
is shazam
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Ok I had to think what I like the most ....

Ok I love the chat function, I have met some of the most interesting people in there.

And I love the new Shazam function, it makes things go so much quicker!

I spend most of my time reading about the new sweeps and reading the notes that have been added.

OK now I really need to win...one you won't have to pay for a hotel for me....or give me transportaion expenses...hehehe unless you want to pay for my gas to get across the bridge. .

Anyway thanks so much for the chance to win this...I really want to go.... I want to meet everyone so bad! ok Good luck everyone!!!

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i've been here long enough
i dont think there is much here i missed. but i think the coolest thing was my ds was bidding on a car on ebay and it told him its too souped up its probably a kids car that was beat on. then his girlfriend noticed the guy won the car, so i looked and it was a car i entered for from nuespeed and we were able to see the winner was the guy selling it and he basically only put the 2000 miles driving it home from ca. on it. the car is great even though i didnt win it he did on auction. and it was definatly worth it.
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Favorite feature of OLS
Favorite feature of OLS for me would be the Local Sweeps and Hall of Fame...Mike Silva
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Wow, what a swell contest! I'm completely impressed.
Thanks so much for holding it, you guys.

I think the most important piece of advice you can get/give is to keep things in perspective, don't give up your whole life in favor of obsessive sweeping, don't freak out if you miss a day (or a week or a month, or whatever.)
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