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Win A Trip to the 2005 Convention ~ Ends 5/7/05
We are getting very excited about the upcoming 2005 National Sweepstakes Convention and want to meet YOU there!! We plan on making the National Sweepstakes Convention an annual OLS get together and are going to get it started right this year by giving away a trip for 2 to the convention!!

How to Enter:

Share a tip or favorite feature of OLS – take the time to get out there and explore the site, click on something you’ve never clicked before but always wanted to (you won’t break anything!!) and post about it here to be entered.

Prize (ARV $1,000):
  • Lodging for 2 at the Quality Inn June 9th, 10th and 11th
  • Admission for 2 to the convention (admission covers admission to all sessions, entry into all prize drawings, daily convention breakfast, Friday box lunch and Saturday evening banquet)
  • $500 for convention related expenses (transportation, meals, etc) that must be picked up from Brent at the convention

(If you are already registered for the convention and have a room, we will work with you on those details, so please enter!!!)


*Must be 18 years of age or older at the time of entry.
*Must be an active OLS member, in good standing, that registered on or before 4/26/05.
*Must be a resident of the US or Canada. Void where prohibited.
*Must attend the 2005 National Sweepstakes Convention in Moline, IL June 9th – 12th.
*Limit one entry per person.
*Contest begins now and ends on Saturday May 7th at 11:59pm EST. Winner will be chosen
via a random drawing, from all eligible entries, within 72 hours of contest closing. Winner
will be PM’d and will have 48 hours to reply and accept the prize.
*No substitution or transfer of prizes will be allowed. There will be no cash alternative.
*Rules subject to change at any time for any reason.

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OMG, I want to go so bad, and am not able to afford it, due to prior obligations~(winning too many trips~) Thank you Brent & Kerrie for a "dream trip"~

I have been with OLS for over 3 years now, and have got a routine to my daily OLS exploring.

The first thing, I do is visit the "Forums", then read all the "New Posts"
I then, visit the "New Sweeps" for the day, click the ones I want to save to "My Sweeps", then proceed to "My Sweeps", where I "Shazam" and enter all my dailies, then proceed to the others I have saved, 24 hours, unlimited, etc.... I then go to the "expiring ones" for the day, to see if I may have missed any good ones, and make sure to get at least one final entry into these~
I then play around on different catergories to see, if there are any that appeal to me~

I then head back to the "Forums" to post replies, see who is winning or just read up on the latest gossip~

I love OLS, and all the wonderful people, I have met here, I don't know what I would do without my online sweeping family, and all the memories I have because of OLS~

Thanks again for an awesome sweep!

~ Let your heart guide you. It whispers - so listen closely~
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Holy crap!! Great contest!!

One of my favorite features is the "new posts" function under quick links. This way I am able to keep up on all the latest happenings on the forums and I do0n't have to page through every forum!!

Good luck to everyone!! Looking forward to seeing all the great tips
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Woo Hoo OLS Rocks!
I first clicked on Do Not Click Here as soon as I joined OLS, and then freaked with the response. Newbies, be sure and click on it for a cheap thrill! I telework 2 days a week and constantly check for new sweeps after doing my instants, my dailies, my weeklies, my monthlies, my unknowns and then on over to restricteds in case I missed some! I click on Free Stuff and do some shopping, then up to the arcade to see if there are any games I am any good at. none. I also slip over to the Forums and make sure my Paid Subscription is up to date! While I am registered and signed up for Convention, I would be thrilled to WIN the trip!

My Wins
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I finally went to the Calendar section, I did not know about the member's birthday's listed here. It is so Kool. Also had a chance to chat for the first time about two weeks ago. This sites has a lot of good activities, and the answers that the members give are priceless.

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Favorite feature is the expiring sweeps...then new sweeps....then instant wins...Thanks for the contest.
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Talking Thanks!!
My favorite feature is still the NOTES section under the sweeps listings, whether they are frivilous or not. I usually find the comments from other members to be very helpful! I also appreciate the feature that you may use to sort the day's listings by "newest first", so that I can go back to double check to see if something new has been added after I've visited it once already. (It took me a long time before I noticed that feature.... whoo--boy!)
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I've been an active part of OS for almost two years, on May 14 it will be two years. Time goes fast when sweeping!

My tip is to be diligent about coming to OS every day since it is the best place to connect with sweepers and to keep track of sweeps. I don't know what I would do without MY SWEEPS! It is the BEST! But I would also say to new sweepers to not make this an obsession. Sure, get your entries in but then go and do the rest of your life. Thinking about sweeps will not bring more wins. And if you regularly enter the dailies, chill if a site is down for a day.

I am a lone sweeper in my house and my friends don't sweep. If I win I would love to share my win with another Massachusetts or New England OSer.

Wishing & hoping & thinking & praying, planning & dreaming... and entering!
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I've been around for a while even though I'm a quiet poster. . . too many kids and jobs to be able to be online all the time. My favorite has to be Shazaam. I was afraid to try it but once I did, I loved it. I also check the winners circle before going to the instants so I can time my entry over there. I used to spend most of my time on the instants, but I now use my time more on the 1x entries. I've won more that way. Good luck to all and keep sweeping!! Oh. . .and pick me please!
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Boy - what I have learned from OLS..
I have learned to have a very tactful tongue, and when my first inclination is to post something, I stop and think about will I offend anyone, can this be misunderstood, is this opinion or fact.
My favorite thing on OLS is the variety of people I have come to know that all share a common interest, and I will keep quiet before offending or hurting a one of them.
So the things I look forward to and enjoy don't really have to do with the sweeping end of it, but don't ever doubt that I absolutely love (and am addicted to), that part of it!
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What don't I love about OLS?! I'm an organizational junkie and OLS is just so well laid out and maintained. The one feature I absolutely adore is being able to search for an expired sweep. So when that mystery prize arrrives, or that dreaded "second place prize", I can see what I didn't win and continue to dream big.

Thanks for being there OLS. And thanks for this contest. I just bought new luggage, so I'm ready!
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Great site
My wife found the site last week, and we are already addicted to it. I love the way things are catagorized to make it easy to search through the thousands of sweepstakes on here, I never knew there were that many out there! Since we recently joined we have made the expiering sweeps a priority. Thanks for a great site.
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yeeha! I'm in.

I just discover the arcade. Never even noticed it before this thread. Cool!
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Wow, what a great offering to have here. I have been on OLS for about 8 months on almost a daily basis. There are a few things I like to tell people about it. Not only is this site the best source for sweepstakes listings, the community matches it in quality of people I have met. It took me a while to get used to handling entering sweeps daily and Shazam is the best thing since the disco ball.
One thing I think took me a long time to utilize was the notes feature. For contests which require answers (trivia) I would be searching the net - when usually the answers were right under my nose in the notes. If only I had just clicked on it sooner.
Persistence is the sweepers mantra. If you can't sit back and just believe you will win sooner or later, then sweeping will be very frustrating.
I love this site and being a premium member is just awesome.

Jenn <------I love Puffy
People don't really win those sweepstakes!!? Do they???
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My favorite feature is my sweeps and expired my sweeps that way I can look back when somebody posts a win form an expired sweep in winners circle I can see if and when and how many times I entered the sweep.
Great Contest!!!
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