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Help with a Printer
I dont know much about printers ... but my Printer is done for now & I want to get another one possibly on craigslist ... so my question is ... does any printer work with my Desktop pc?

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The answer to your printer question. Yes, and no.

I had an old HP desktop that was still using windows 7. My HP printer was equally as old. Loved my printer because it also could scan and copy. Printer died.

Bought a new HP printer. Couldn't find a driver so the desktop could communicate with the printer. Luckily, I had a newer laptop, so I had to send printing through the laptop, which was a pain. A few months later, I got a new desktop with windows 10. All is good now.

So if you are looking at a printer with the same vintage as your desktop, you should be ok. Good luck
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ok, thank you.... this is running on less than windows 7,,, its like 14 yrs old this pc, my son moved and he was the one who helped me with things.
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I just got an HP printer, connected to my phone, it was the cheapest one, but it does great, as long as you remember to hit the black button when your just doing documents. My cousin had a printer for 14 years, it died to. He got Epson with the big ink cartridges, you just fill them up, instead of having to buy those small cartridges which cost a fortune.
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Where did you buy the printer?
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