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KB Has Left The Building!!!
Aight I am about to shut down and on outta here! I just had a message from our beloved bewitched, my partner in crime, ~ she made it to the airport and her flight is on time Can't wait to see old friends and meet new ones and have a fabulouso time this weekend!!

~ me at convention

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have lots of fun at the convention Kerrie, have a cocktail or two for me and really enjoy yourself young lady
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Have lots of fun!!! and take lots of pictures to show us what we missed... im excited about the convention and im not even going lol

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Don't let the door hit your.. I mean, have a great time!

we want blackmail pictures, bewitched!!!!!

"Give a guy a gun and hes Superman. Give him two and hes God. Tequila, Hard Boiled
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I hope you all have a wonderful time!

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Have fun...you will be missed.
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You girls have a great time! Watch out for Bewitched.. heh heh.. Have a blast ladies..sure wish I could see and hear about all the adventures coming up..
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You girls behave, ya hear? Or if you can't behave, take lots and lots of photos.
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Have Fun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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I just checked in online for my flight. Can't wait to leave...tomorrow this time I'll be on a plane!!!!

I'm eternally blessed! My Wins
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