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Thoughts/Tips from Past Conventions
Have you attended past conventions? We want to hear about it! Tell us about your experience and offer up any tips to "convention newbies" who will be attending this year
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RAFFLE advice

It was poorly run at the last convention. You had to stand in line for hours and I stood in line for an older lady who had given up. That was the only major problem I saw. Food was great.

Go to the convention site and make of list of the things you will need for the convention contests like stamps, postcards, and money.

This year they have contest that require need 37 cent stamps unlimited, 23 cent stamps unlimited, USPS postcards unlimited, 50 colored envelopes, unlimited stampless picture postcards, 50 white envelopes, 50 decorated envelopes, 50 greeting cards, Illinois state lottery tickets $1 scratchers and money.

You need to make piles for each item and use a rubber band or put them in an envelope. On the item list what you are entering. This makes the process go a lot fast and is less confusing. Like a white envelope with "100 37 cent stamps", a manila envelope with rubber banded packs of envelopes with a note attached like this "50 white envelopes" or "50 USPS post cards". I misplaced things and that would have helped.

At the last convention they handed me a fortune cookie and did not tell me it was part of the contest. I am allergic to wheat and gave it away. Some of the cookies were winners and I could have won something. I received all these bits of paper and it was confusing. Make sure you have an convention pro with you. Some people put these tickets in their name tags so they would be handy when the afternoon drawing came. The tickets fell out or people left them in their room or car or worse misplaced their name badge.

Keep those tickets in one place like a zip loc bag.

I had a lot of fun and great memories. What really helped was using the internet to know where to go and what to do. I took a side trip to SeaWorld and to the old part of San Diego. Get your reservations in early as this is summer vacation time and there will be lots of competition from other sweepers for them cheap hotel fares.

I really want to go and hope I can share the rental car fee and hotel fees.
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Banquet table.
At the last convention people would put a name and line on the table list.
Have a list of names of people in your club or group as that would have helped them out.

Unwanted prizes. I did not know this and am kicking myself. Bring unwanted tickets and coupons to sell or trade. There will be many people there who can use your unwanted prizes.

KB is there anyone out there?

Thoughts about the convention. I had lots of fun and met many nice people. I loved the food and the flowers at the hotel was full of blooming flowers. The men were handsome. I learned a lot there. I won prizes and got to meet them strange people called snail mailers.
The whole convention was well run and the prizes were superb. I now worry that someone may remember me or worse have pictures.

Ethel Mertz
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San Diego 04: My Report
My 2 GF's, sisishi (the one who claims she's hot hot hot) booghc & I attended last year's convention also. So I guess we saw mechurchlady there but didn't know it. We had SO MUCH FUN! There were loads of prizes & giveaways, we all won something! It's very wierd to be in a group that large of all sweepers.The San Diego Sweepers & Steve D'adolf did an outstanding job, it was very well-organized. As Churchy said, the only glitch was the long lines at the raffle ticket table. But I'm glad we waited, sisi won 1,000 37cent stamps & I won one of the few cash prizes! There were a lot more drawings than I expected, sweeper groups from all over the country donated prizes, mostly snail-mail supplies. Also FedEx, Brown, & the CA state lottery must have donated as there were lots of prizes with their logos. This was our first convention, but we met many people who go every year. The whole thing was kind of surreal, sweepers sweepers everywhere. The mailboxes at the hotel were crammed full for those 3 days, the post office is probably still scratching their heads about that! To those who asked about attending by themselves; I wouldn't hesitate, if you're the least bit social you'll make friends there! We aren't going to Moline, just too far away for us, but we can't wait for Arizona in 06! Some reps from their group spoke in San Diego & they seem like a very enthusiastic group... My favorite memento from the Convention (besides the $$$) is a cute model UPS truck that I won in a cartoon caption contest there. My lucky truck, I have it on display in my living room!

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Remember all the hullaboo over getting the mail out. There were last calls and runs to the mail box. I still have the little trash can they gave us and the cloth bag.

I think what upset me the most was the lines. There were a lot of handicapped, fat and/or elderly people there. I won a couple of small things.

Were you the one who swung from the chandeliers?

I pray I can raise $800 to go. I loved the banquet as the food was perfect.
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There we're over 700 hundred people who attended the san diego convention last year. They had a few speakers, lots of drawings for prizes. we met so many nice people from all over the country who have the same hobby has us, it was fun to hear what they have won and how they enter. There was one couple there from san diego who had won 17 cars!!! I rubbed them for luck. The food was great it was contenetal breakfast, lunch was on your own, which gave us free time to explore the city and swim in the pool, dinner was on your own, until the banquet which was done very nice. Some of the prizes givin away were, rolls of 100 stamps, digital cameras, cash, rolls of 1,000 stamps a computer, video camera round trip tickets for two anywhere american airline flys to in the united states there was quite a few of those and a roll of 10,000 roll of stamps. Hope all that attend have a great time and hope to meet you in Arizona in 2006
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UMMMMMMMM.. I live in IL and attending this wouldn't be a hardship on me. It sounds like fun, too. Please tell me, are there companies represented and guest speakers? How many days does it go? What are the hours?

I'd like more information about the actual convention, if anyone has any.

I've only been sweeping a little over a year, (I know, shame on me, because I've been online over 8 years) but this is by far the most fun, most rewarding thing I've ever done on the internet.

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These threads have lots of info:
General inf\ormation


Car pools and room sharing

Questions for Sweep 16, that is the theme for this convention

This is my page and is my personal opinions and my personal collection of stuff so I can find it fast. I am such a ditz. It is also for Chickee who is very smart.

Basically itsStarts on the 8th and goes until noon on the 12th.
$155 for the conventions. Motel 6 is 3 blocks away and is about $220 for 5 nights with tax. The smart people are staying at the Quality Inn. It is about $327.45 for 5 nights with tax if you call in your reservation and tell them you want GROUP RATE OLS or with tax about $65.49 a night (11% room tax) and you can get a rollaway bed for a third person and reduce the overall cost. Quality has a membership program so sign up for that if the room is in your name. Free breakfast and airport shuttle. KB is suppose to have a Pub and Grub Crawl.

The vendor room has people selling snail mail entry supplies, clubs, newletters and other businesses. I got some great stuff there. There is a banquet on Saturday night. There are raffles and speakers. You can sometimes get rid of your unwanted prizes because there are over 800 sweepers from all over the country.

I learned a lot from the speakers who covered radio contests, casino comps, online entering and Rambling Ramsey was there. You get to meet a lot of nice people there. There were clubs, online groups, and newsletter groups. Check out all those links. I cannot explain how great the prizes are going to be but last year they gave away shirts, newsletter memberships, Delta tickets, $1000+ rolls of stamps, stationary, electronics, and I wish I took notes. The prizes just kept rolling. They gave away the center pieces also. They had a raffle and some people staying at the hotel won a free night's stay. There were raffles with the vendors.

Do not worry about being alone because you will have buddies real fast at the convention and there will be lots of people to answer your questions. When you get there you will find the old convention pros and young sweepers like KB.

This was a happy time. Get the Quality Hotel as it is really great and next door to the convention. That is were the wild times will be. If the hotel is a rocking the come a knocking.

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