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The Utah "BEE"-nanza
Another Way to Win at Convention
The Utah "BEE"-nanza

In Honor of the BEEHIVE State we are throwing a "BEE"-nanza. Just what is a "BEE"-nanza you ask? It is a “BEE” extravaganza worthy of your attention. Just "BEE" creative and bring your "BEE" themed merchandise (think honey, beehives, bees, etc.) worth at least $5. Every $5 worth of “BEES” merchandise will get you one entry and a chance to win. But don’t get Stung by not following the entry guidelines. “BEE” a player and join the fun in Salt Lake City.

Go to the Convention website www.saltlakecityut2013.com and "Click" on the "Ways to Win" tab on the left side of page then "Click" on "The Utah "BEE"-nanza" tab for further details and the "BEE"-nanza guidelines.

Have fun with it everyone. Can't wait to see how creative you can "BEE".
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oh sounds fun.

I am not Rocky . I am ~JEWEL~
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I knew they'd come up with a great idea for a "special" drawing unique to Utah.

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