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I posted earlier, but want others to know. I've figured out how to get the captcha's to work most of the time.
Say you have bus, click on each photo of a bus. If the tile disappears, continue to click each photo of a bus, until there are no photo's of buses anymore. It should then go through.

I also found some still won't work, but then I go to a different browser (I'm using firefox mostly and then go to IE) and I find that the captcha will work, again with the disappearing tiles, but as long as I continue to click what they ask for (car, bus, sign, etc.) until there are none of that item left, the captcha goes through.

Hope this works for others too.

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Thanks for the suggestion! I haven't had much luck doing that in Chrome, bummer. I'm on a chromebook and it's the only browser I have on here. Maybe I'll install another one to try it on!
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Shhhh- I don't want to jinx it, but Captcha has been working well the last week or so!
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Tried logging into google for first time in a month, and wham problem came back full force. Guess this hasn't been resolved.

Still issue with lagged tile reloading.
Still issue with 8-10 screens.
Still issue with solved captcha reloading and having to start the solve over.

NOT ideal to have to remain logged out of google and every time you log in you have to delete all your cookies. I'm just so pissed I can't find a permanent solution that allows cookies and google sites (Yuotube/Gmail/etc) to be logged in. Any google log in totally screws up captcha. Then its not as simple as logging out because cookies have memory of the issue, and it remains occurring without their deletion.

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switched from Firefox to Google Chrome and captcha worked for about a week, now the last 10 days captcha is stuck on "street signs" forever, this is very aggravating. Clearing cache, powering down router, switching browsers, nothing helps.
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