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Yankee-Red Sox Field Box Third Base Line Ticket Available
Yankee-Red Sox Field Box Third Base Line Ticket Available

I had expected to go to Fenway to see the game on Wednesday night.....haven't been there since I lived there back in the 60's.

I have a SINGLE ticket that unfortunately I now can not use due to too many commitments of my time.

FIELD BOX Section 70
Row A
Seat 5

If you look at the Fenway seat map you'll see it is in a great location along the 3rd base line, almost on the field.

This ticket sells for $175. I am interested in selling the ticket, or trading it for one or more gift cards that I can use, especially Best Buy, Home Depot, or others.

I do not expect to get the list price for the ticket, so I am open to offers.

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