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Bowie, MD
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Wow! I have two others here in my town of FORT WAYNE, IN!!!!! That's awesome!

I also see that someone here is from my HOMEtown of Columbia City as well!

Time stands still.....
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List Of Pennsylvania Members
I went through all the threads and made this list of up PA people.
I am from Lower Burrell, PA
Not far from several of you.

barb1210 -- Philadelphi, PA
lexucruz -- Philadelphia, PA
tina9157 -- Mansfield, PA
brigidvw -- New Eagle, PA
amy16323 -- Franklin, PA
jesslag -- Pittsburgh, PA
swanky_girl-- Pittsburgh, PA
Diesels Blitz-- Pittsburgh, PA
boobear1111-- Pittsburgh, PA
jaskolka -- Elkins Park, PA
zion777 -- Dunbar, PA
rachael77 -- Williamsport, PA
Mom2myboys -- Tunkhannock, PA
tonia1112-- Dickson City, PA
Jadeddreamer -- Dawson PA
smokey4 -- Blairsville, PA
steflink -- Camp Hill, PA
blfbrat -- Harrisburg, PA
cpars0ns -- Middlebury Center, PA
angie79 -- Saint Marys, PA
art_18630 -- Laceyville, PA
otter -- North East, PA
Tasha668 -- Erie PA
sweetme24-- Erie PA
iamsurfing -- Erie PA
Geezie-- Hermitage,PA
BobbysRedQueen -- Parkside, Pennsylvania
rcrosebud -- yardley, PA
gigglez -- Jonestown PA
lakelorain-- Poyntelle, PA
tullfan-- Scranton, PA
GinGin-- Allentown, PA
anny31-- allentown, pa
EyeSite-- Glenolden, PA
steadier-- New Castle, Pennsylvania
timmy06 Royersford, PA
jmzupko Palmer, PA
buttercup2307, New Castle, PA
tigerlily077, New Stanton, PA
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Beaverton, Oregon

Everything is always OK in the end, if it's not, then it's not the end !
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Present but unaccounted in Idaho!
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Can't believe I missed this thread! I'm in Fort Collins, Colorado

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Lia near Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
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wow I missed this post also
joanieo Seminole Florida

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Lisa54- Camarillo CA
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Portland, OR
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Galesburg, MI

Which is in between Battle Creek and Kalamazoo and about an hour from Grand Rapids.


Radiant Church

My Facebook Profile
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Baltimore, MD
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West Monroe
Pudden from West Monroe La
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Liberty, SC here

So time to the slump for this OS-oholic
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Reno, NV here...

Can I get a shout out from my Reno area folks?

"Yes, Jesus loves you. Everyone else thinks you're an A - Hole!"

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