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Gift Card Thread for 2013
Here is the new gift card thread for 2013.

This thread is a place to post the GCs that you have FSOT. This thread is only for posting GCs not any other items (ie: % off or $ off coupons are not allowed here).

This thread is only for posting GCs FSOT not for listing GCs you want (you can create a thread in the Wanted forum for GCs you are seeking).

Please list all of your GCs in one post and do not create separate posts for each GC as that takes up too much space. If you post multiple times we will delete any subsequent posts after the first one. Please delete your old post before posting a new one as your new one will be deleted and the first one left. You are only allowed one post in this thread.

Please delete your post and/or the GC when it has sold.

Please make sure you meet the minimum requirements to post an item FSOT by reading the Prize Exchange rules found here

Please remove the item from your list once it is gone, instead of posting GONE, it is much cleaner to read that way!

PM the member if you want to discuss an item in detail. General chatting in this thread will be deleted.

Any violations of the rules will result in your post being deleted.

This is becoming a problem in these threads:
Note: Do Not post more then once in this thread as that is a violation of the rules. If you post you can edit your post and add more items or delete your post and start a new one. You cannot have more than one post in this thread.

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All cards mailed for free:

$400 Coach GC

$25 Christopher & Banks / CJ Banks

$15 LiveNation Concert Cash

$50 GC [looking for $20 paypal or amazon]

ISO Amazon/Paypal or let me know what GCs you have

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Thumbs up $200 Zappos gift card
Looking to trade a $200 Zappos Gift Card for Amazon GC or Pay Pal.

Remember Zappos has free shipping and free returns. Lots of clearance items too!
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Cool Snapfish $10.00 code for sale - $2.00
I have a Snapfish $10.00 off code.
Selling for $2.00 - Paypal (no fee only)

- Please pm.



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Up for Sale $50.00 Giftcard Paypal only (no fees) $30.00 Thank you PM me if interested

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Bealls Outlet & Ben Bridge Jewelers
1. $100 Bealls Outlet Gift Card (valid at Bealls Outlet, Bealls Home Outlet & Burke's Outlet). Will sell for $80 PayPal payment or trade for Chilis, Olive Garden, Red Lobster , or Amazon card/code worth the same $100 value.

2. $25 Ben Bridge Jewelers Gift Card. Will sell for $15 PayPal payment or trade for a restaurant card from one of the establishments listed above, Fandango movie ticket code, or Amazon card/code worth the same $25 value.

Will consider all other GC trades of same value as what I have.

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4- $50 Pier One gift cards... No expiration date, balance has been verified and these are not traded cards. I am the original owner...can split if needed.

Mostly interested in Publix, Kroger, Walmart, Kmart, Home Depot/Lowes, Office Supply Stores, Gas Cards,

No Clothing, Beauty, Fast Food, Sweeping supplies or other gift cards needed at this time.. will consider all offers,

May you have a Blessed Winning 2013! I know I will! thanx!

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$150 country outfitter
I have a $150 country outfitter gift card would like to trade for Amazon or Walmart

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trying to sell a year subscription of HULU for $50 or trade.. value of 96

also have live nation
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Barnes & Noble GC
I have a $25 B&N gift card that I'd like to trade for a corresponding value Amazon card or code. We have Kindles and cannot use the B&N card. PM me if interested.
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$5 Live Nation® Concert Cash code.

$145 Gift Card to Kitson LA. Can be used on-line or in stores.
Stores in California. Website is:

$30 online Gift Code to LampsUSA. You can also order by phone with the code. It is for ordering from their open box section. Here is the direct link to the open box secion:
I will send email with all the info on how to order.

$50$ myAFTER Refuel Gift Code to spend on Refuel workout gear at the Refuel online shop! Here is the site:

$30 Gift Certificate to

$15 credit at

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$150 Raymour & Flanigan Furniture GC
$150 Raymour & Flanigan Furniture Gift card - expires 4/30/14

make an offer - I like target, walmart, amazon, family dollar, food lion, Harris teeter, applebee's, sagebrush, etc.
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$25 Fandago. $20 PAYPAL.
$20 HSN with a free shipping or a 15% off code. $14 PAYPAL

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I have a $150 Raymour & Flanigan Furniture Gift card - expires 4/30/14 will trade for beauty products. Gift cards for iTunes. Applebee's...etc.. Make offer.

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ProFootball Hall of Fame
$1000 gift card to use at or online for the Pro Football Hall of Fame:

Over 130 Hall of Famers are expected for a Golden Anniversary Reunion Aug 2-4! Join NFL On Location and the Pro Football Hall of Fame as we team up to create one of a kind event experiences to attend the 2013 Enshrinement Ceremony and the NFL Hall of Fame game!
Golden Anniversary Reunion Celebration
The Pro Football Hall of Fame’s Golden Anniversary Reunion Celebration will take place during the 2013 Enshrinement Festival, July 19 – Aug 6. A record number of Hall of Famers will return to Canton to join in the celebration of the Class of 2013 and the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s 50th Anniversary.

Asking $700 or trade of near value

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