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Me too
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Same here

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Count me in!
Me too.
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No bad email for me. My wins have been so scarce that I couldn't even win this one
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  Old  June 2nd, 2017, 1:11am     #20
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I got the same. Fortunately, I saw the oops before I saw the congrats. Could not and would not have gone and it didn't look like you could pass the tix off to a friend or relative since you had to show up at will call with picture ID.

Oh well. I bet some poor soul really got into trouble over that one. Ouch.
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funny i came on here looking for this because i had the same email

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Too bad.
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I got the email and the oops. We don't golf so it was kind of surprising and then not too disappointing.

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tickets to golf
I also received that email and then a followup email stating they were sorry but they only intended to contact the winners and I wasn't a winner.
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