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Video Sweepstakes Seminar at the 2019 Sweepstakes Convention
Video Sweepstakes Seminar at the Convention

Sweepers are always looking for ways to improve their odds when entering sweepstakes.

One way to improve your odds is to utilize an entry method that few people are using.

Some sweepers have found success in finding and entering sweepstakes that require submission of a video.

At first, creating a video may seem like a daunting task. But, with a good teacher you too can create winning video entries.

At the 2019 National Sweepstakes Convention there will be a Thursday afternoon seminar by a video expert demonstrating how to use your smartphone to create, edit, and submit videos for sweepstakes entries. Our video expert says using a smartphone for creating, editing, and submitting videos is not difficult if you follow his straight-forward directions.

Start learning how to win with video entries now, while the number of video entries for sweepstakes are very low.

Information and registration forms are available at the convention web site: https://www.2019sweepstakesconvention.com/

Tell your sweepers friends who may also find this information useful.
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