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2008 Convention
The 08 convention was my first. I didn't go expecting any prizes. I went to meet people and learn new things on sweeping.

I want to say that the hosts must have done alot of hard work to put something this big on. Congrats to all of them. I dare say that alot of the states are not jumping in to put on one in their state and I can see why. It is alot of work !

I thought the organization of the banquet was great - It went off very well. It moved along very smoothly. San Antonio location was great also and who could have asked for more? I think if we went there expecting a prize, we should have stayed home and gone out and spent the $160 on a prize. Everyone can't win all of the time. This convention was a time to get together and enjoy one another. No where in the invitation was the promise of a prize for every person.

I went for a rest and relaxation and knowledge of sweeping. Thank you San Antonio! Also a big thanks to OLS !

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