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Certainly worth staying up all night for...
Well I was up pulling an all-nighter working on the convention and getting the final details together with proofing the TNT newsletter for printing today. Just about to turn in for a couple of hours of sleep and though "hmmm" I better check my emails one last time and Whaaaalaaaaa. There was a notice of private OLS message tucked away in the emails. And then I saw it was from Brent with winner. I must have done three or four eye wiping doubletakes. I am sooooo excited and a reall sweepstakes memorablila over collector. This one is going to be especially special because of Brent, myself and the other editors being on the panel. I cannot wait til it comes in and I can show friends and stuff to get them all coming to these conventions. They are the B Complex that keeps me going through the year!! I thrive on all of my sweeping friendships and can't wait til we get to play again!!

Come to Hershey everyone!! There's still time!!! Let's continue with the fun.

Thanks so much Brent and randomizer for picking my number!!!
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