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Shazam & Chrome
I just got a Samsung Chromebook and the Shazam button doesn't work any more? It will only open one sweep at a time and if I close the new tab it will reopen the same one over and over. I have looked at all the settings but I don't see how to fix this? Anyone know???
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Unblock pop-ups

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If you type Shazam and Chrome in the Search Box at the top of any OLS age, choose OLS Forums in the dropdown menu, you'll find many threads with this same question.

What worked for me is:

In Chrome, you have to go into your settings and allow pop-ups from OLS.

Chrome Menu, Settings, Advanced Settings, Privacy, Content Settings, Pop Ups, Under the Alllow section, click Add and type in www.online-sweepstakes.com and click Add again.

You can still use AdBlocker.
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