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Hotel Reservations Update
If you are one of the people who fall under the category

"hotel room reserved, but have not paid your registration yet"

please be mindful that we are getting within a margin of registratons left where you should be concerned.

Once I sell out all of the available registrations (less than 80 at this point) I will be closing the convention registration period and will not be taking any more. Merely reserving a room does not guarantee a spot to attend the convention.

Also, we are responsible for payment for all rooms reserved under our "block of rooms", thus if I find I need rooms that are being held up by folks not registered I will be moving them out of my block of rooms. Doing so will not only guarantee me that the rooms booked are going to be paid for, but makes it so that those attending don't have to look for other hotels.

This means I cannot cancel a reservation, but I will move those in my block of rooms and no discount. I will be going over the roster with the hotel shortly and either I or the hotel will be contacting any registrations/reservations in question.

Please contact us at 2010nemsc@comcast.net with any questions.

Thanks for your cooperation.
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