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Sweepssues 2018 wins
1)Coupon for Quaker Oats. Instant online (2.50)
2)Caines Instant win Drink container (4.00)
3) Can of dog food Hills Science Instant win
4)Paypal $5.00 instant win
5)Mars Snickers and Skittles coupon 4.00
6)Oreos from Kroger 3.50
7)Marcs 25.00 gift card fb contest
8)15.00 Fandango code Black Panther
9)Paypal second 5.00 win
10)Pennzoil Flashlight keychains
11)Coca Cola O'reilly 25.00 Gift card (Autoparts Holiday sweepstakes
12)25.00 Ticketmaster cash Reunite wine instant win
13)Corona text sweepstakes 2 pub glasses
14)Paypal win #3 won $5.00 more dollars
15) Entemmens Doughnust from Krogers instant win 4.00
16)cup of Life cereal from Krogers Instant win
15Quicken loans $15.00 movie code
16)Coca Cola 25.00 Walmart Gift carfd
17)Coca cola Movie ticket,buttered popcorn, large coke
18)Coca cola one year movie subscription
19)Coca cola 10.00 Home depot

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