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Angry So who here has dealt with this sort of scam?
Called a friend of mine today, and when she told me that she had spent a good part of the previous day talking to the local and state police plus the FBI, she had my interest. Seems that while she was puttering around her house, people were coming up and checking out her place. One of them finally told her that her house was listed on Craigslist as available for rent. The notice had her name and a very plausible cover story, and interested parties just had to provide some personal information and would be gotten in touch with by the owner, i.e., my unsuspecting friend. The phone number provided was an overseas number (the cover story said my friend had relocated overseas.....I think 44 was the overseas code listed). She contacted Craigslist, but the notice apparently disappeared before they were even aware of the scam. Probably all of us have gotten various email scams (Nigerians, London lottery, etc.), but has anyone here dealt with this sort of problem before? Is it common?
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Yes, it's becoming more common & has even occurred here in Montana!

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Its becoming more and more common with scammers taking legitimate houses both occupied and unoccupied and putting them up for rent or sale.

Some articles I found

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A couple of years ago my son found a photo listing on Craigslist of the house he was renting/living in here in Washington. The scammer had the house listed for rent at $600 - actual rent was twice that amount. My son contacted the landlord about the Craigslist ad, but from there I have no idea what happened.
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Sounds like this is just a scam for renters, yes? (?)
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It's very common, unfortunately. There was just a story on the local news about several people who were almost ripped off.
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Yep, saw the same thing. I responded, and boy what a run a round. The emails were from a foreign couple (yeaahhhh right) who were both out of town, so wouldn't be able to show me the place (they were both emailing me simultaneously - so it was essentially one person), but I could "drive by and then tell us what you think". Then they thoughtfully provided me with some BS form to fill out that gave them entirely too much personal information, and oh yes, I was to send them a deposit as soon as possible. Really! You can't show me the place, but want me to send you money?

I did some research, found the true owner, who was a R.E. agent, and they had found his ad from several years back and virtually stolen it. He had been notified by the FBI and police that some others had been duped and they wanted to give him a heads up as they were sure he would be hearing from some others who went the extra mile as I did. He sounded tired and just done when I called him. That was 3 years ago.

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