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So Happy
At the end of November, my 28 yr old son will be defending his dissertation at Princeton and become a Phd. He had his Masters conferred by Princeton and did his undergrad at NYU. My child has been in school forever it seems, So happy he will be able to relax and have all of these degrees under his belt.
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I don't normally venture into the Parenting section, but when I saw the post title "So Happy" I had to look.

Congratulations to your son and your whole family - becoming a Phd is a HUGE accomplishment!

Sax Zaza ~ #TeamTopKnot ~ Polo!
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UH...ha ya it's all just lucky breaks.
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Amazing! I finished mine in 2013 from UCLA so I know all the work involved. You should be so proud! I'm thrilled for you both!

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