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Checking in from Our 1st Nat'l Sweeps Convention!
Jon and I arrived here in San Antonio yesterday (Thurs) and we are having a wonderful time here at the convention.

We met so many fine people here from OLS and also some great sweepers from all around the country.

These people are so MOTIVATING ... I mean, the creativity and dedication to the hobby is amazing and the things people have won even more amazing.

I was really surprised how many good prizes people have won here - I know our very own Playwanda won a good one today.

The speakers have not disappointing.

Jeffrey, Steve and Judy were really terrific today.

And we even managed to take in The Alamo today.

It's all good - very good!

Gwen and her "posse" have done a very fine job.

Pamcakes and KB are taking some good photos and I am sure they will post them soon.

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