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Another great time~!!!
Thank you Carol for another great weekend.

The Atlanta Peaches had a great time!!!!

It was great seeing all our old friends and meeting new ones.

Your judgment will not make the world a better place. Only love can do that. Only grace.
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The best of the 4 Hershey minis I've attended. Speakers funny and light-hearted. Thanks so much Carol! Valerie
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Thanks for the grand time.
OMG!! Where to start?? I dunno but the speakers were fantastic.

Joan and Laralee!! OMG funny........

Thanks for a great time.


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A huge, huge success!!!! Thanks so much!!!
It was the best one yet for me as well. The lightened up schedule and speakers were just what we needed. it gave me time to get the rest I needed for my leg as well as spend time eating breakfast and late night snacks with many of my friends plus talk to others who I knew by face or knew by name....finally a new group of friends with a face and name matching.

Even the crowd was in control if that is the right word to use with little incident.

Now all I have to do is find out who the person(s) is that told people they could come and sign up at the convention........and I am one unhappy camper about that. They did not get in.

We have always had a no stop in, drop in, walkin policy for reasons I don't need to get into, but some people think they don't need to follow the rules I guess and made a very, very couple of uncomfortable situations for both sides.

Also, could the one who won the Walmart bag with the lapboard and the person who won the Dollar General gift card check in with me at the convention email address:
2010nemsc@comcast.net I need to discuss something with each of you...nothing wrong...just need to talk to you. Thanks
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