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Wild Weather Day!
We had Tornado Watch, warnings, severe storm warnings....and a tornado hit not far from here (Arkansas) Anyone else have a wild weather day? Now it will turn colder tomorrow. From 70's today to 50's tomorrow. This has been one crazy spring so far! btw we do live in tornado alley.

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Woah! We had crazy weather, but in a good way.

It was almost 80 degrees and sunny today.

Over the weekend, the temperature is supposed to plunge 30 degrees. Eeek!

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Windy, and rain, sometimes sideways rain, on the water across from Seattle. That's Washington....
Be safe!

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Blizzards, tornado watches, thunderstorms, an earthquake, high 85 tonight low 32. Nah. Just Kansas.
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Bad weather coming our way, chance of tornados, April in Alabama
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Just posted Tornado Watch here on the MS Gulf Coast. The storms are suppose to hit us sometime between 12 noon to 6PM. rain forcast 4 to 5 inches of rain with possible hail, high winds etc. Should be over by early Sunday AM.Keeping fingers crossed that we don't get too flooded!!!!
Stay Safe everyone!!
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