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Information packets
Beginning tomorrow, Carol McLaughlin will start to mail out information packets to registrants.

Inside your packet you will find details about the mail-in raffles, Hershey Bonanza, Schedule, and details about our new Friday night Game Show called "Let's Sweep a Deal" starring "Monty Hall" (Rob Nease) and "Carol Merrill" (Carol McLaughlin).

So keep bothering your mail delivery person and ask if your "Northeast Mini Sweepstakes Convention" packet has arrived. And if you can't find any toner in the Philadelphia area, it's because Carol bought it all in order to print out all of the pages ;x

Rob Nease

P.S.: As always, more information on our website: www.icantwaituntilthemini.com

just kidding! it's actually http://www.hersheyminiconvention.com

Rob's 2014 wins
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Packets will be in the mail Monday, Aug 18.
All of your precious cargo is printed, inside a large brown envelope (so you can't miss it!! And USPS can't lose it!! lolol) and is going to the Post Office first thing in the morning. It is 17 pages long. Please, please do not lose it!! We won't be replacing them because of the cost.

Yepper, Rob was right...Staples knows me on a first name basis and there are NO Sharp 110 toner cartridges left in this section of the country. lolol But hey, someone was on our side ---- no paper jams on the entire run, just ran out of toner twice.

Take your time reading through it except for the mail-in raffle section which you will need to look at right away.

There is one typo on the cover letter. Mail-in raffles must be postmarked by the 20th of September, not the 15th as printed on the cover. The newer copies run off have been fixed. You may want to add page numbers, which didn't make the first run.

I'm warning you---it's long.....but, we're gonna have fun and you'll have everything you need to know beforehand. It was generated from questions that we have been asked all year.

See some of you next week and the rest in a month!!
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