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A Note of Sadness
Some of you may not have heard, but John Fisher, my companion for the past several years and our great Hershey DJ/soundman for the Hershey convention for the past two years passed away on April 28th suddenly due to complications from COPD (an aesbestos and smoking lung disease) shortly after returning from the Michigan mini convention.

We will surely miss him this year but I am sure he will be watching over us. I am continuing to run the Full Moon Music business and "Hottie" is now in a stepped up crash course training. We all can assure you that the convention's music and sound department will be in good hands.

Carol McLaughlin
Stephen King

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We are in excellent hands!!
No worries involved. Hottie AKA Steve is Carol`s son and he is a sweetheart. I have all the faith in the world that everything will be just fine. Giving Hottie a big ole pat on the back. I`d be happy to offer any assistance that I can too

John will be there with us in spirit, with him watching over us everything will be fine.

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My deepest sympathy. He was a very nice guy and will be missed.

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Oh Carol! I just read your post. So sorry to hear that. I just met him this year and he seemed like a wonderful human being. My heart goes out to you and your family. Big hugs, Grace

"It's nice to be important...but it's more important to be nice"
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I Did Not Know Either Of You But Send My Sympathy....
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I've been thinking about you guys since I heard Fish made me laugh and will be missed. Much love to you and hottie
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sending my sympathy to you and your loved ones
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I am very sorry for your loss. DH and I send our sympathies to you and your son.
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i do not know you but share your sadness and know he will be watching over you and your family...
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I heard about this as well & wanted to let you know that all of us are here for you & sending our sincere condolences. Please contact us if you need anything at all.
- Denise

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A update in Regards to Carol and Family,
I had emailed Carol and Rob in regards to the Hershey Mini as I have recieved numerous emails. All information is up to date and current on the hershey mini convention website.


I`m going to give you a brief update on Carol to hopefully save me some email and personal messages. I asked her what she`d like people to know. Basically, she is doing the best that she can taking things day by day. She hasn`t been on the computer that much in the last few weeks so that is why I posted the url above. She is trying to catch up on some well needed rest. Her and I are both Taurians and I can tell you that she seems strong and maintains her humor Her son Steve AKA Hottie is doing ok also. Thankfully Carol and Steve have each other!! They are good people

Thank you all for your prayers and concern. It means alot to all of the McLaughlin and Fisher Family.

Thanks Again and Many Wins Aimee NY

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