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Verbal Signups
We had been asking on some of the forums and our Hershey website for verbal signups originally to see if it was worth going forward with the 2008 Northeast Covention with the San Antonio one being so close. There was an overwhelming response and we are issuing this statement as of today:

We are at 93 verbal signups already and 23 cash in hand registrations paid. Only the paid cash in hand registration are guaranteed. The verbal committments are noted and for planning purposes only. You are not "guaranteed" registration until we receive your registration, so be sure to get the money in as soon as possible.

Limit this year is 200 (for the same banquet room as 2007) unless we collect all 200 registrations before the bigger room (2006) is rented out and have enough of an interest to go bigger.

Carol McLaughlin
2008 Northeast Mini Covention
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